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Friday, February 5, 2016

A Tribute to my Facebook People.

A few weeks ago I shared on Facebook my struggle with how impersonal it's become over there.  People just mindlessly scrolling through people's lives, maybe clicking a bunch of "like" buttons (or not), and then moving on. Without any words, without any comments. And it's the words shared that make connection between my story and yours, my heart and yours. And I long for those connections to be made because within Facebook are my actual FRIENDS. For me anyway, it's a personal thing, not just hundreds people I maybe met at random events, or people I've added for business purposes. They're FRIENDS, people I truly care about.  So I encouraged everyone to make time and effort for one another, and instead of just scrolling by, take a few seconds to write something. It matters. People matter. Here's a poem I wrote that describes what the facebook community is like and the importance of precious words...

Ode to the Faces in My Book

It's really so simple,
really so small.
A word of kindness
takes no time at all.
We're friends, you and me.
That's why you are here
Your life and your heart
are so very dear.
Vacations and stories,
A meaningful quote,
The snowman you built,
Your new favorite coat,
An article you loved,
A book you just read,
A song on the radio
that's stuck in your head.
The walls you just painted,
The home you created,
Nostalgia and memories
never outdated.
Celebrations and birthdays,
laughter and tears,
loss and sadness,
worries and fears.
Milestones, victories,
Crummy days too,
It's not always smiles,
Sometimes you're just blue.
It's just a glimpse,
a speck of what's true.
But it's real, this life,
And I'm in it with you.
We're friends, you and me.
That's why you are here.
Your life and your heart
are so very dear.
I'm cheering you on
as you run your next race.
You're never alone,
not in this place.
We're all so different,
our strengths and our needs,
our wants and preferences,
our sacred creeds.
But under it all
when push comes to shove,
we all want a life
full of peace, full of love.
May our words be a gift
of sweetness and grace,
encouragement, truth,
virtual embrace.
We're friends, you and me.
That's why you are here.
Your life and your heart
are so very dear.