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Friday, March 16, 2007

100 Things About Me

1. My favorite color seems to change every year. Last year it was teal. This year it is pink.
2. I hate working out.
3. I love just-for-fun sports, like sand volleyball, badmitten, H-O-R-S-E, softball, tennis, anything really. I play hard, but I’m not competitive.
4. I enjoy scrapbooking but it takes a lot to get me motivated.
5. My dad is a pastor.
6. I talk to my mom either on the phone or via email almost every day.
7. I love taking pictures and if I’m not careful, I could live my whole life looking through a viewfinder.
8. I got a BA in music ministry but it’s been 2 years and I haven’t used my degree yet and I don’t really intend to.
9. I think pears and cottage cheese together make a yummy snack.
10. I can’t ice skate or roller blade AT ALL but I really wish I could.
11. In high school I used to stop at the side of the road and pick wild flowers on my way to work.
12. I put 2 creamers and 4 packs of sugar in my coffee.
13. I graduated college a semester early so I could get married.
14. To my high school sweetheart.
15. I hated my wedding dress.
16. It snowed 14 inches the week of our wedding.
17. We went to a bed and breakfast in Florida for our honeymoon.
18. And spent a morning kayaking.
19. In January.
20. I got my first pair of high tops when I learned to tie my shoes.
21. When I was young we called our dog “Fred Dog”.
22. I like things to be symmetrical.
23. I love decorating a house.
24. And rearranging furniture.
25. I like to cook and try new recipes.
26. I can play piano, French horn, guitar, and trumpet. And I taught myself how to play the saxaphone, flute, and a little trombone just for fun.
27. I love IQ tests.
28. I’ve flown on an airplane a zillion times.
29. I don’t have a clue how to do hair.
30. I love camping and sitting under the stars by a warm fire.
31. I bite my nails.
32. And wish I didn’t.
33. I love surprises.
34. I’m a romantic.
35. I love organizing.
36. Spring is my FAVORITE season.
37. And going for early morning walks.
38. Only special boutiques carry my bra size.
39. And I hate it.
40. I don’t handle stress very well.
41. I attempt artsy photography.
42. I give good hugs, real hugs.
43. Plain cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.
44. My dad makes the best spaghetti and garlic bread.
45. My brother is the smartest person I know.
46. Saturday is my favorite day of the week.
47. Because my husband usually makes pancakes.
48. He’s my best friend.
49. For breakfast I eat oatmeal with blueberries and French vanilla creamer.
50. I’m not a morning person.
51. But wish I was.
52. I love flowers, but if you’re going to get them for me, I only want them as a surprise, not for an occasion.
53. I hate roller coasters.
54. I even get nauseous swinging in the park.
55. My favorite author is Francine Rivers.
56. But I don’t read as much as I’d like to.
57. I have a son.
58. And I love being a mommy more than anything in the world.
59. There’s nothing else I’ve ever wanted to be.
60. I sang tenor in my high school choir.
61. With three other girls.
62. Because hardly any guys wanted to be in choir.
63. I drive a van.
64. And I’m only 23.
65. For only one more week because my birthday is coming up.
66. And I’ll be 24, not because I’m getting a new car.
67. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl.
68. I have way too many grey T-shirts.
69. I would LOVE a makeover.
70. Cooked cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables.
71. And corned beef is my favorite meat.
72. I don’t like touching animals.
73. My hands are always insanely dry and cracked during the winter.
74. And one time, a long time ago, I super-glued a crack together.
75. It worked.
76. I think.
77. I spent a month traveling Europe with my college band.
78. And if I were to go back, I’d go to Austria.
79. Because I love the mountains.
80. I love rainbows, when sun rays break through the clouds, and when the moon is huge and golden.
81. I like afternoon thunderstorms.
82. And if I had a porch I’d go outside and sit by the rain.
83. I love sleeping with the windows open in the summer and waking up to birds chirping and the sun shining.
84. My mood is almost always exactly what the weather is.
85. Grammar errors bother me.
86. I hate cities.
87. Crowds make me feel claustrophobic.
88. I’d rather live in a quiet town where you know your mailman.
89. I hate spending more than $20 on a shirt.
90. And I can NEVER seem to find the right pair of jeans.
91. I can’t wait to move back closer to family and friends.
92. Right now I’m a military wife.
93. But glad that Hubby is not out to sea anymore.
94. I want more kids someday.
95. And to maybe homeschool them.
96. I love old hymns.
97. And singing them to my baby.
98. I love Jesus
99. And I’m going to heaven when I die.
100. Because He saved me.


mudlark said...

Well written! I drink my coffee same as you - 2 creamers, 4 packs of sugar! I just love reading people's 100 things! This was great.

Kathleen said...

#98-100 are GREAT! Me too!

Angela Danae Ogren said...

What fun way to describe yourself! ...think I might borrow it for my blog... :0)

palmtreefanatic said...

I love #98 too! I like your blog! my hands crack and get to dry too till I found cetaphil! it is a gem of a lotion!

Angela Danae Ogren said...

Hey how did you get this post to stick underneath your profile description? I tried all of the blogger add-ons and I couldn't figure it out.

Dirtyhands4Him said...

Very lovely list. Your love for Jesus just bursts through this blog. Have a great day.

Elisabeth said...

Hi! I'm a homeschooling mom with 8 children of my own! When I married my husband he had a 5 year old so I became a mommy/wife at the same time. Since Dec. 1997 we have had 7 more children. I'm done now though. I came upon your website looking for a weekly memory verse for my kids to copy for "handwriting" in school. I just love your site. It's got everything that a Christian mom/wife could ever need. I saw the Nancy Lee Demoss "Encourage your husband challenge". She's really great! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. I hope you're feeling well with your pregnancy and all is well with labor and delivery.

Angela said...

Hi, Sarah! I saw the comment you left on my "100 Things" today and thought I'd check yours out, too! What a weird coincidence that we have the exact same birthday! Also like you, I like things to be symmetrical, I love Francine Rivers (The Mark of the Lion Trilogy is SOOO good!), and grammatical errors bother me... a lot! :-)

Thanks for praying for me and my babies. What an honor and a blessing!

In Christ,