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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

50 MORE things about me!

A couple years ago I wrote a list of 100 Things About Me. Well, here are 50 more! Enjoy!

1. I'm adopted.
2. My birth father died in a drunk driving car accident when I was 1.5, my mom remarried 2 years later, he adopted us, and he's been my wonderful father all these years.
3. I once reached complete victory over Bop It Extreme. I made it to a score of 180 or 200 or something and the game just stopped and said "High Score: 180" I guess that's as far as anyone can ever get.
4. I just discovered today the game costs $175 on Amazon! What's that about?! I guess we got it as a gift. Had no idea I should be guarding it or something!
5. I can't stand when I don't "justify align" my blog posts.
6. Photography is a new hobby, and I want to get better.
7. I'd much rather have pottery than any kind of China.
8. I still sleep with a blankie.
9. I always shower at night.
10. New socks are one of my favorite things--just plain, white, soft socks.
11. My favorite kind of tea is Lipton Orange. It's fresh yet cozy, or good with ice in it.
12. I love drinking from a goblet, even when it's just juice or something.
13. I am addicted to the computer. I check my email at least every hour.
14. I color sort the pins in my pin cushion. If ya wanna know why just ask.
15. My biggest pet peeve is when public restrooms install the toilet paper dispenser so the paper comes out at your ankles.
16. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a back-up singer for Christian musician Steve Green for a concert he did at our college. I have no idea why I got picked, but it was awesome!
17. I love reading but it's really hard for me to get started on a book.
18. I'm growing my hair long again, just because Kevin likes it that way.
19. I'm convinced that parenting is God's greatest way of challenging us to be more Christ-like.
20. Nothing even remotely fun happens near me without me taking at least a hundred pictures of it.
21. I live in Nebraska now, in the country, two things I would never have chosen in life, but I love it!
22. It's spring now, so we eat outside on the porch whenever we can. Someday we'll have a patio, but for now, this works.
23. I'd like to have 3 or 4 kids but Kevin says we're done right now. So I guess we'll wait and see.
24. I quit scrapbooking.
25. My daughter Hannah was born at home. Unplanned. Read birth story here.
26. Hanger hooks have to be facing left when put into clothes, or I'll re-do it.
27. I'm planting my first vegetable garden this year. Not sure how good a gardener I'll be though since I'm terribly grossed out by worms and bugs, and if I even see one snake, it's over!
28. I literally can't stop kissing my babies' cheeks. I just think they're adorable!
29. It's the best thing watching your children grow up as friends.
30. We go to a Berean church. I had no idea what that was until we started going there. It's really a Bible Church, based off of the verse Acts 17:11.
31. I all the time cheat and just shave the bottom half of my legs.
32. I have horrible eyes with a power of -8.
33. My mom and I make a good team when it comes to making clothes. I pick the fabric and pattern, and she sews it. I have a dress in the works right now.
34. I have no clue how to "do" hair. It's either all up in a ponytail, or all down, either straight or curly.
35. I often fear what the tragedy will be in my life. The more connected I am with the rest of the world (via blogs mostly), the more horror stories I read, and the more I'm convinced everyone will at some point suffer a terrible pain.
36. Even though I'm a busy stay-at-home wife and mommy and constantly serving my family's needs, I try very hard not to lose touch with who I am and what I like to do.
37. I wish I could lose 15 lbs but probably never will.
38. I think my love language changes every couple years, due to life's changing circumstances. Now I think it's physical touch.
39. My life verse is Psalm 86:11-12 and I have it posted in our bathroom.
40. I think my only reason for going to college was maybe just to make some really wonderful life friends!
41. I shoot pictures with a Nikon D40. It was a wonderful Christmas surprise from Kevin, thanks to Black Friday sales! Finally, no more buying a new digital camera every other year!
42. I hate shopping at malls.
43. I'm honestly not a very good housekeeper. I do the basics like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and clutter, but everything else is lacking.
44. I love lists.
45. I'm not into technology gadgets like fancy phones and ipods. Regular CDs and basic cell phones are good enough for me.
46. I'm hard to surprise because I notice details easily.
47. After living 4 months without much while we were in our moving transition, I've been trying hard to get rid of STUFF and keep our new house simple and tidy.
48. I still love kitchen gadgets though, and my apple peeler is one of my favorites.
49. My middle name is Jane, after my grandmother. Sarah Jane is a VERY common name. In my tiny town of 1500 there were 3 other Sarah Jane's in high school with me.
50. My FAVORITE ice cream is slightly-softened cookies n cream, and I'm wishing I could eat some right now!

Look to the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name;
make known among the nations what he has done.

Sing to him, sing praise to him;
tell of all his wonderful acts.

Glory in his holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

Look to the Lord and his strength;
seek his face always.

1 Chronicles 16:8-11/ Psalm 105:1-4

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Serve your neighbors.

This is my FAVORITE time of year, as it is for most people, I'm sure. It's not just being able to get outside and play and do things; for me a lot of it's about getting together with friends, planning activities. Along with that, there are sooo many easy ways to encourage fellowship and serve others. So here are a few ideas, however, please feel free to share more!

15 Ways to Serve Your Neighbors during Spring/Summer:

1. Set up a FREE lemonade stand with your kids, just offering a cool beverage for anyone passing by.
2. Chat with your neighbors when you see them out and about.
3. Host a neighborhood cookout, or cookout for friends. (not implying that your neighbors can't be your friends.)
4. Play a park day with other moms.
5. Invite a friend to go for a walk/stroll with you.
6. Encourage your husband to have a "guys" day-- play ball, go bowling, or something.
7. Ask for help. I'm a firm believer (just trying to convince my husband) that asking other people for help on house projects or whatever is a great way to get to know someone. a) you're acknowledging someone else's talents, b) you're showing you trust them with their skill/advice, c) you're opening doors for fellowship and bonding by working together on something instead of maybe awkwardling trying to carry conversation, and d) you're humbling yourself.
8. Host an ice cream sundae party or make homemade ice cream.
9. Invite friends over for outdoor games.
10. Go to community events. ie: plays, festivals, pancake dinners, outdoor concerts. Especially for us who live in the country who just moved into a new area, this is a good opportunity to meet people in the community.
11. Leave May baskets for your neighbors, including a nice note.
12. Visit the elderly. If you're passing by, take the time to sit down and visit with them, especially if you have children. I KNOW it will make their day. One of our old lady neighbors stopped by with cinnamon rolls to welcome us to town, and I'm looking forward to returning her pan and giving us an excuse to stop by and visit with her.
13. A lot of babies are born this time of year. So if someone you know has a baby, make them a meal (delivered in disposable containers they don't have to return) and maybe even offer to watch their other children.
14. Share your extra garden produce.
15. Share your truck. If you have a truck, offer to help someone else who might need it for something.

So there ya go, tons of ideas and I'm sure tons more! I know a lot of them seem like natural things to do, but don't let the time pass you by, wishing you could've done more!


"Serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command. Love your neighbor as yourself." Galatians 5:13-14

"Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:9-11

"Continue your love to those who know you, your righteousness to the upright in heart." Psalm 36:10

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me." Matt. 25:45

Monday, April 27, 2009

The man I love.

Monday Meanderings

In light of yesterday's news I do not feel like spending forever trying to figure out what to feed the family this week (have I told you I hate menu planning?), or what activities to plan for Eli. But the week must carry on, so here we go:

Bible Study
Contagious Joy. Pay no attention to the fact that it's taking me waay too long to get through this book! I'm really not disciplined when it comes to Bible time. Come to think of it, I'm really not all that disciplined when it comes to anything!

Husband Encouragement
* Blackberry Cheese Pie. It's been awhile since I've made this, and hubby's requesting it!
* We're in the process of looking for a newer trucker for Kevin to drive to work. Now that he has a 50-mile commute every day, he needs something more reliable than his old '92 Jeep Cherokee. I am going to try hard to give him my input but fully trust him with the final decision. I hate big purchases like this.

Train Them Up
* School and chores for Eli.
* Blanket time for Hannah.

Personal Goal
* Work out at least 3x this week.
* Wake up before kids.

Must Do
* Set up budget spread sheet for next month.
* Plant garden seeds if it's not raining. We have a full week of rain all this week, so we'll see about this.

Master bedroom. After the last two weekend trips we've taken, we still have suitcases sitting out, and it's starting to set a bad standard for the whole rest of the room.


Monday - chili, peaches
Tuesday - crockpot spaghetti, garlic toast
Wednesday - vegetable soup
Thursday - crockpot roast chicken, broccoli cheese rice
Friday - appetizer/movie night - smokies, cheesy spinach and artichoke dip
Saturday - chicken and rice caserole
Sunday - pork roast, green beans, creamy orange jello

Fun Things
* Shopping day in the city with my mom on Friday!
* I think I might plan a "movie night" with the family some night. It's been awhile since we've let Eli watch a full movie. And since it's going to be rainy ALL week, that might be a fun family thing to do together.
* A surprise breakfast for the kids...
* Kevin's family is coming for a short visit on Saturday after his uncle from Arizona flies into Omaha.

Question of the week:
Now that we live in a world of digital pictures do you still keep up with photo albums?? Now that we can and do take an unlimited number of pictures for every occasion and every not-occasion, it seems like it's getting too many to to print since it's so hard to pick and choose! So tell me, what to do you do with your photos??

Sunday, April 26, 2009

no words.

My friend jay passed away this morning. I'm still in shock over this and just so sad. If I can figure it out with my parents or Kevin to watch the kids, I'd really like to try to make it to the funeral this week. Please pray for all the family and friends. thank you.

Sunday Psalm

Psalm 29:10-11
The Lord gives strength to his people;
the Lord blesses his people with peace.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I started something last week, and now that we're back from the weekend it continues again!

Whenever I notice the house is really starting to get messy again (usually multiple times a day), I get a wooden spoon and rattle it around inside Eli's pot, and everyone knows that means it's time to drop what you're doing and do a "5-minute pickup"! I set the kitchen timer and we all race around like crazy people as we put everything back in its proper place. Shoes back to the kitchen, cups back in the fridge, toys back to the play room, books back on the shelves, diapers in the trash, and clothes in the laundry, plus any other miscelleous items. We all have fun, and it's AMAZING to see how much you can get done in just 5 minutes (actually, we're usually done in 3!) As soon as the timer starts beeping, even Eli says, "Aww, it looks so nice now!"

Now if Hannah actually participated I would consider making it a contest. Whoever I think got the most done gets a sticker on a chart. Once you get 10 stickers, you get a small treat.

I love this new clean-up routine! We usually do this about twice a day, however much the house needs it, and usually vacuum afterward one of the times. It makes clean-up a game instead of just being like "Okay kids, it's time to pick up toys," and then they just poke along as they go. This is a fun way to actually get my toddler to pick up the speed a bit!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The simple joys... (part 2)

First, see Part 1 pictures here.

Just had to show you how our dandelion fun turned out. Had to end the last post with cute pictures still, but now here's for the reality... just because it makes me laugh! =)

The simple joys... (part 1)

...of a child.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thy will be done.

UPDATE: My parents watched the kids yesterday so I could drive (3 more hrs away) to visit Jay and Lauren while I could. And oh, I'm sooo thankful for that time! Jay was actually the perkiest he'd been since he arrived at hospice last Friday (I think). He was up and sitting in a chair. He was awake and talking (a little bit), and he even tried to eat! But then all that excitement made him nauseous and he fell asleep. He can talk still but only a few short words, mumbled, he's starting to lose mobility (started with his right hand, now it's his whole ride side), and yesterday he said it was getting hard to chew. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for him to not be able to do things he used to. I have no idea how he's feeling inside about the idea of death. His pain is under control, and the family all seems to be doing very well, so long as Jay isn't hurting (physically). I guess he's been fighting this battle since February, but in all he's been fighting this battle off and on for about 6 years! And one way or another, it will soon be over.


I'm still praying for a miracle. And I hope you'll pray with me.

Dear God,
We still know that you can do this. You can take this tumor out of Jay, so he can get up again and live to tell a wonderful story. You have the power to move mountains, calm the seas, and raise people from the dead. Please heal Jay and make him well again! Take all his pains away! But above all, we pray for Your will to be done. We know that you have a plan for Jay. You have his days numbered. You already know how this journey will go. And we know that YOUR plan is THE BEST plan, even if we don't understand it today, tomorrow, or even in 10 years. We know that good will come out of this. And we pray that in all of this YOU will still be glorified! Be with everyone surrounding this situation; comfort, strengthen, and love them, and bring them peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Original post follows:

I just found out yesterday morning that a college friend is now in hospice and expected to die anywhere between the next couple days to couple weeks. He's two years younger than me, so probably 24 years old. Since he was a senior in high school he's been battling on and off with a brain tumor. He fights hard and then appears to be "in the clear"... until the next appearance. I don't know if his latest seizure the other night was out of the blue or if he'd already been fighting, but either way, we know there's not much time. I wasn't real close with him, but he's a music friend I saw and spent time with most every day in college, and with groups like that you really get bonded with everyone. So even though I haven't kept in touch well since I graduated 4 years ago, I am deeply saddened by what's about to come. I just can't comprehend it. I've never even seen him sick. He and his new wife are both such happy people, always laughing about something, so it's hard to imagine that it's come to this, for real.

I'm thinking about going home this afternoon so I can visit them while I can. Just pray for everyone surrounding this situation, that God would glorified through all of this.

My friend's name is Jay, his wife is Lauren, and they both are Christian, praise the Lord!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Can someone PLEASE answer me??!

Photo question here...

why do my photos lose their color when I upload them online??

I follow a lot of photography blogs and their pictures always look beautifully vibrant, but mine always end up looking so Blah after they get uploaded. WHY???


"Stand up and praise the Lord your God, who is from everlasting to everlasting. Blessed be your glorious name, and may it be exalted above all blessing and praise. You alone are the Lord, You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you." Nehemiah 8: 5-6

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today I decided to give Eli a haircut. Right after lunch while he was already in his chair. No biggy. I've given him several haircuts by now. And as soon as I told him that's what we were doing, he immediately asked for a snack. Haha. He knows the drill by now. Except that this time I put the trash bag on him. He didn't like it at first but when I took it off and told him then he had to take off his shirt, he chose the bag instead.


(I only trimmed the sides this time and left the top, well except for a few snips, since Kevin likes Eli to have a comb-over) He may need a little more work on the top, but I'll give it a day or so to see how it looks.Haircuts don't seem like a big deal to me, but I know it's hard to brave if you're a first-timer. So I thought I'd share our routine, in case it's enough to help.

a cup of water

I get Eli's hair damp by dipping the comb in water and then running it through his hair. Then I cut away, starting with this sides. Using the comb gather the hair in a vertical bunch and cut off however much you want. Keep working your way around the side. Carefully trim around the ears. And snip a little off the back. Then to the top. Switch the direction of your scissors now so your cut runs from front to back. Honestly I'm not very good at doing the top. I can do it if I want it all short. But I don't know how to cut if I still want it to comb over like Kevin likes.

the red lines show the direction of your cuts
As for getting Eli to sit still. He's actually very good now, we've been doing this for long enough. I usually just give him a snack and sometimes I'll sit him so he can watch a show while I cut. But today was just at the table with a snack since he'd just finished lunch well.

He does better with me than he ever would with someone else. AND it saves us money! And even though it's still no professional job and he'll probably never have any type of style (cuz I don't know how), it works for us enough to keep doing it.

If you cut your children's hair, what are your tips and tricks??

Almost time!

Recipe time!

Alrighty, it always takes me awhile to get recipes up, so today I'm getting caught up! Some of my new favorites...

YUMMY Chocolate Cake
My mom made this sometime back in November or so, and when it came my birthday I knew that it was the cake I wanted to make. We did our best to remember how it was made and came up with this:

Devil chocolate cake mix, prepared and cooked according to the box directions
Oreos (about 1.5 sleeves maybe?), crushed
8 oz package cream cheese, softened
tub of whipped cream
container of chocolate frosting

1. Bake cake in two round pans. When cool, slice each half so you have a total of four thin layers.
2. Stir together crushed Oreos and cream cheese (like making oreo balls), fold in whipped cream.
3. Use your Oreo fluff to "frost" in between the layers but not on the top of the cake.
4. On the top of the cake spread a thin layer of chocolate frosting and then on top of that spread more Oreo fluff.
5. Now cover around the sides with Oreo fluff. (I suppose I could have put a layer of chocolate frosting under here too. Hmm)
6. Now use your finger to clean around the plate and eat it!
7. Store in fridge.

For my birthday I didn't even bother making it look pretty. I just wanted to eat it, and ohhh, it's sooo good!


Homemade Granola
I bookmarked this at the Biblical Womanhood website but when I went to open it the other day, there was something goofy with their site. Kevin worked his magic and got if for me, but in case you can't open it, here's the recipe. I made it to top over baked apples as dessert, but it turns out it's really yummy as plain cereal too. Now I can start experimenting with add-ins, like slivered almonds or craisins. But I was seeking a simple recipe that didn't include wheat germ and other nuts, and this is a good one!

Mix 1/2 cup each of brown sugar, oil, and honey in saucepan.

Bring to low boil.

Add 1 tsp. cinnamon and 2 tsp. vanilla.

Pour over 7 cups of oats in a large pan.

Stir until coated.

Bake at 375 for 10 minutes.

Take out and stir. Put back in oven, turn off, and go to bed. [that's what their directions said! haha]


Curried Rice Pilaf
I tried this recipe for Easter and it is also a new favorite. It's very mild and just a yummy side dish. Kevin doesn't like raisins so I left them out, but since I already had almond pieces I put 'em in, and that was a nice add, especially considering I'm not usually a fan of nuts. Oh, and I'm not really sure how to toast them as the recipe called for, but I just sauted them in butter for a couple minutes and called it good. You can get the recipe HERE.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Meanderings, a day late

It was a such a busy, but wonderful, weekend with family here for Easter that yesterday I kind of took the day off at home. Which I feel kind of bad about because hubby didn't get that luxury. He was straight back to work. I, however, was the one cooking all weekend, so I suppose that counts for something too. Anyway, on with it...

Notice I'm trying to rearrange the order of my meanderings as they are priority in my life. Also in our frenzy to get the house cleaned for family coming last weekend, it came clear to my attention how greatly I lack in keeping things tidy. I thought I was doing okay, but then when it comes to getting ready for company and looking at the nitty gritty, I suddenly realize what areas have been failing. Sooo, a lot of efforts this week will relate to establishing housekeeping routines.

Bible Study
Contagious Joy (I haven't been too diligent about doing my reading every day, or even every week)

Husband Encouragement
Wake up at same time as Kevin in the morning. While he's in the shower make bed, start coffee, and put his lunch together. We were all sick last week so I didn't really get up early any days, and already this week we're off to a slow start.

Train Them Up
* Re-introduce Eli's chore chart
* Start introducing "blanket time" with Hannah

Personal Goal(s)
* Re-start my cleaning chart
* Work out 3x this week

Must Do
* Till garden! Not sure what tools to use. But we need to get STARTED before time passes us by! It's a late spring here and we're still waiting for warm weather (like above 50s please!)
* Put spare kids' outfits in the van. Last night both kids needed a spare outfit and I had none for either kid so both kids rode home in the van in just their diapers. Hannah threw up and Eli totally peed through his diaper. Lovely. Isn't that how it always works? The one time you don't have a change of clothes is the one time you actually need them.

Van trash. Enough said.

Menu Planning-- I'm mostly cleaning out leftover ingredients this week, so that makes planning a bit easier! I may even get out of a shopping trip!

Monday - we ended up taking a spontaneous trip to the city and ate while we were there
Tuesday - white sauce over ham and rice, green beans
Wednesday - ham and cheese omelets, pears
Thursday - pizza casserole, applesauce
Friday - taco pizza (didn't get to this last week)
Saturday - TBD
Sunday - Italian style rice and beans (we never got to this the other week), peaches

I've got recipes coming soon for yummy things we tried last week! =)

Fun Things
* I thought we were going to MOPS today. But since Hannah threw up at dinner last night, at the restaurant, we're keeping our distance today just in case, even though she seems completely fine.
* Nice weather coming this week! I just checked it, and it's actually going to be sunny and in the 60s this week! A great week for starting a garden!
* We might be having friends over this weekend!
* I'm going to use some birthday money and order a fun book for myself. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

THE best alfredo sauce!

I've got it! I've found my new favorite alfredo sauce! No need to keep experimenting with recipes anymore! Here she is: taken from this recipe and following some comment suggestions, it's DELICIOUS!

Easy Alfredo Sauce

1 pint heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup butter
1 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 tsp garlic powder
several shakes of Italian seasonings, parsley, basil

Directions: in saucepan melt butter, pour in whipping cream, SLOWLY stir in parmesan cheese 1/2 cup at a time, add garlic powder and seasonings, and woo-la! done!

This takes less than 10 minutes to make and is fabulous! It can go on anything-- I've put it on butter beans and served it to the kids for lunch; I've put it on pasta, chicken, and broccoli,; and I know it would be good scrumptious on pasta and shrimp but we're avoiding shellfish for the kids' sake. So go, try it! This is such an easy meal but definitely as good as Olive Garden!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Have yourself a laugh

Kevin and I love Brian Regan's comedy, so I thought I'd encourage all you busy moms out there to just take a little break, and have yourself a laugh. And then when you have time with your hubby tonight, share some laughs again with him. =) Happy day, friends!

Monday, April 6, 2009

School Zone

I'm having troubles remembering to sit down and plan out the activities I'm going to do with Eli during "school time", so a lot of days we just really haven't done anything. So I thought maybe starting a new weekly post for this would help me stay on top of it and give you some ideas as well. Since this week is a special week celebrating Easter we won't be focusing a lot on numbers and letters.

Monday-- Palm Sunday lesson
* Introduction to what happened this day.
* Go outside and find a small tree branch. Then read story and have child wave branch every time I say the word "Hosanna!"
* Review questions here.
* Activity: make paper craft Donkey.

Tuesday-- The Last Supper lesson
* Introduction.
* Message: Jesus washes the disciples feet, we should also do nice things for others.
* Read story.
* Review questions here.
* Talk specifically about what nice things we can do for Daddy, for Hannah, for friends...
* Activity: eat a piece of bread and talk again about what it represents.

Wednesday-- Jesus prays lesson
* Introduction.
* Message: Jesus prayed and God listened. We should pray, and God will listen to us.
* Read Bible story.
* Review questions here.
* Activity: coloring sheet.
* Read children's book: What is Prayer? by Kathleen Long Bostrom
* Sing "Jesus Taught Us How to Pray" song.

Thursday-- Jesus dies on the cross lesson
* Introduction.
* Message: Jesus forgives you.
* Read Bible story.
* Review questions here.
* Activity: sponge paint picture of cross. sponge paint colors all over paper then cut out shape of cross so it kind of looks like a stained-glass cross.
* Read children's book: Why Is There a Cross? by Kathleen Long Bostrom
* Sing "Jesus Loves Me"

Friday-- Jesus is Alive lesson
* Introduction.
* Message: Jesus came to life, so we can live with Him someday.
* Read Bible story.
* Review questions here.
* Read children's book: What about Heaven? by Kathleen Long Bostrom
* Activity: at bedtime make Easter story cookies ready for next morning

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Monday Meanderings

Bible Study
Contagious Joy

Personal Goal
We're starting our workout again this week! I know I've been saying that every week, it seems. But this week we really are, now that Kevin's back on a normal work schedule for awhile.

Must Do
* make budget spreadsheet
* clean up house for family coming

Play room. Need to get it mostly cleaned out so Kevin's mom can sleep in there next weekend.

Husband Encouragement
With Kevin's new job I've been having a hard time understanding how Kevin feels so tired at the end of the day. He suggested that while he's in training school for the next 5-6 months I get up and go to bed the same as him. I am not a morning person like he is so the thought of getting up at 4:30/5am every morning sounds horrible. But I decided I'm going to do it!

We were off to a good start already this morning! While Kevin was in the shower I got up and made the bed, so our room already looked nice when he came back in to get dressed which I'm sure he appreciated not having to do in the dark (with me usually still sleeping). Then I went downstairs, put coffee on, cleaned up a few more things around the house, started boiling some eggs for his lunch, set the trash out, and sat down to plan the day. After Kevin was dressed and came downstairs, I got him some breakfast (just yogurt today since we're almost out of milk) and we sat down to read a chapter out of this book that we haven't touched in a full year at least. Then I asked what I could do for him today and I helped him get his lunch ready before wishing him off to a good day! 'Twas very a nice start to the day, and I'm excited to continue this routine!

Train Them Up
Learning about Easter!

Menu Plan

Monday - loaded baked potato
Tuesday - Italian style rice and beans, peaches
Wednesday - taco pizza, pears
Thursday - cauliflower soup
Friday - turkey panini, carrots, orange
Saturday - chicken kiev, curried rice pilaf, cheesy vegetables, baked apples with homemade granola and ice cream
Sunday - ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans, hot rolls, jello fruit salad, angel food cake

Fun Things
* I might try to paint the kitchen this week! Using birthday money, I purchased my paint!
* This week we might also knock out the wall between our dining room and pantry, so it's a bigger dining room.
* Kevin's whole family (mom, dad, nannie, sister, and BIL) is coming to stay at our house next weekend for Easter!!
* Kevin's back to working a normal schedule for the next 5 months!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

* I am thankful that my brother and SIL got to come visit last weekend!
* I am thankful that Kevin will be home this weekend.
* I am thankful that we get to go home to visit family this weekend.
* I am thankful that I do NOT have to take the kids with me to choir on Sunday evening.
* I am thankful that Kevin gets a break from rotating shift work and will have normal hours Mon-Fri for the next 6 months while he's in training!
* I am thankful that even though Eli threw up last night, he had a good night and seems just fine today.
* I am thankful for surprises.
* I am thankful for loving gestures from my husband this week.
* I am thankful for little moments when both kids are sitting in my lap while we read a book.
* I am thankful the excitement of Hannah learning to walk.
* I am thankful for a warm house.
* I am thankful that my hubby got our taxes done yesterday.
* I am thankful that Stellan had a really good night last night!

What are you thankful for? Join us this week at Women Taking a Stand.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're stocked up for spring, so COME ALREADY!

Last Friday I went up to the city to a children's consignment event so I couldget the kids all stocked up for spring and summer. All their shoes, shirts, shorts, jammies, jackets, hats, etc. I've never shopped for two kids all in one shabang like that so the total bill seemed a little overwhelming. But in all we got in some good deals, and I'm happy that we shouldn't need to buy ANYTHING for them in the coming months (besides diapers and wipes of course). Check out some of my favorite things I found...

right now Hannah is in a size 3 shoe so I got 1 pair of 3's and 2 pairs of size 4. She's officially started walking now, so it's time for some real, durable shoes. Now she just needs a pair of everyday sandals, but those are mostly yucky to buy used.cute jammies gowna pretty, NOT-pink dress for Easterand one toy for each (plus a couple other things like puzzles but I didn't picture those)
Of course I got a bunch of clothes for Eli too, but somehow boy stuff just isn't as exciting. =) I did find several T-shirts for him that are appropriate for what his interests are: soccer, off-road vehicle, fire truck, train. And then of course just handsome striped shirts for church.

Yay for being done shopping and knowing the kids are all set! Now if it could only WARM UP, as it's been in the 30s, I believe, all week! We're ready for SPRING!