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Friday, January 15, 2016

Pray the Psalms {download}

It took me over a year to off-and-on complete this "study" but for me it was by far THEE most spiritually fulfilling prayer walk and journey to knowing and truly loving the Lord. I first wrote about Praying Through Psalms HERE, and I still am so passionate about it, I can't wait to share this resource and then start again on my own!  

It's incredible starting the day 
1. Being reminded of who God is
2. Laying my flaws and sin before Him and thanking God for my Savior
3. Praising God for all He's done in my life (big and small)
4. Reflecting on my daily walk, surrendering my burdens and requests to Him. 

I am weak, but He is Strong. He is faithful, loving, and true. Less of me, more of You, God. Fill me. 
Another component to this is writing out these scriptures. I love keeping a prayer journal. It documents my spiritual journey and I frequently use it as a resource and go back to find various verses and ideas.  And taking the time to write scripture helps it soak in, and I can meditate on and highlight key words as I go along. 
 This is NOT a schedule. It does not have to be done every day. Reading God's Word should never be something that you stress over or just mark off a list.  Like I said, I did this off and on over the course of more than a year. But it was something I always loved and needed to come back to. At times when I was lost or hurting or just spiritually unmotivated, this is what recentered me. Prayer. The Psalms are so real and so raw. A book of wailing, desperation, pleas, and also a book praising, dancing, and singing, and everything in between. It is rich in the truths of God's faithfulness, love, and salvation.

Comment below:
* What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?
* What do you turn to when you are feeling spiritually unmotivated and walking through difficult times?
* What do your prayer habits look like?


Mary said...

I don't have a favorite book but I am enjoying a complete read through of the bible with Good Morning Girls! We've been at it over a year with 2 more to go! We are reading Job now and although I am great doing my daily readings, my prayer time needs to be better. I love the ACTS acronym to help guide my prayer time. Thanks for the reminder! I like having a notebook to refer back to things also!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mary! I've always loved seeing your enthusiasm for your studies with Good Morning Girls! Reading through the entire Bible is still on my Life bucket list--I'm still back in Joshua and it's been a couple years since I've really made any progress with it, but I WILL finish somehow! :)

Servant Becca said...

You are amazing! You have been an inspiration to me to keep a journal. Although I'm not consistent or recording something daily, the writing gives reflection. I too love ACTS. It helps me focus on what to be looking for in His word. Thank you, Sarah, for loving the Lord and sharing your journey with others.