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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

50 MORE things about me!

A couple years ago I wrote a list of 100 Things About Me. Well, here are 50 more! Enjoy!

1. I'm adopted.
2. My birth father died in a drunk driving car accident when I was 1.5, my mom remarried 2 years later, he adopted us, and he's been my wonderful father all these years.
3. I once reached complete victory over Bop It Extreme. I made it to a score of 180 or 200 or something and the game just stopped and said "High Score: 180" I guess that's as far as anyone can ever get.
4. I just discovered today the game costs $175 on Amazon! What's that about?! I guess we got it as a gift. Had no idea I should be guarding it or something!
5. I can't stand when I don't "justify align" my blog posts.
6. Photography is a new hobby, and I want to get better.
7. I'd much rather have pottery than any kind of China.
8. I still sleep with a blankie.
9. I always shower at night.
10. New socks are one of my favorite things--just plain, white, soft socks.
11. My favorite kind of tea is Lipton Orange. It's fresh yet cozy, or good with ice in it.
12. I love drinking from a goblet, even when it's just juice or something.
13. I am addicted to the computer. I check my email at least every hour.
14. I color sort the pins in my pin cushion. If ya wanna know why just ask.
15. My biggest pet peeve is when public restrooms install the toilet paper dispenser so the paper comes out at your ankles.
16. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a back-up singer for Christian musician Steve Green for a concert he did at our college. I have no idea why I got picked, but it was awesome!
17. I love reading but it's really hard for me to get started on a book.
18. I'm growing my hair long again, just because Kevin likes it that way.
19. I'm convinced that parenting is God's greatest way of challenging us to be more Christ-like.
20. Nothing even remotely fun happens near me without me taking at least a hundred pictures of it.
21. I live in Nebraska now, in the country, two things I would never have chosen in life, but I love it!
22. It's spring now, so we eat outside on the porch whenever we can. Someday we'll have a patio, but for now, this works.
23. I'd like to have 3 or 4 kids but Kevin says we're done right now. So I guess we'll wait and see.
24. I quit scrapbooking.
25. My daughter Hannah was born at home. Unplanned. Read birth story here.
26. Hanger hooks have to be facing left when put into clothes, or I'll re-do it.
27. I'm planting my first vegetable garden this year. Not sure how good a gardener I'll be though since I'm terribly grossed out by worms and bugs, and if I even see one snake, it's over!
28. I literally can't stop kissing my babies' cheeks. I just think they're adorable!
29. It's the best thing watching your children grow up as friends.
30. We go to a Berean church. I had no idea what that was until we started going there. It's really a Bible Church, based off of the verse Acts 17:11.
31. I all the time cheat and just shave the bottom half of my legs.
32. I have horrible eyes with a power of -8.
33. My mom and I make a good team when it comes to making clothes. I pick the fabric and pattern, and she sews it. I have a dress in the works right now.
34. I have no clue how to "do" hair. It's either all up in a ponytail, or all down, either straight or curly.
35. I often fear what the tragedy will be in my life. The more connected I am with the rest of the world (via blogs mostly), the more horror stories I read, and the more I'm convinced everyone will at some point suffer a terrible pain.
36. Even though I'm a busy stay-at-home wife and mommy and constantly serving my family's needs, I try very hard not to lose touch with who I am and what I like to do.
37. I wish I could lose 15 lbs but probably never will.
38. I think my love language changes every couple years, due to life's changing circumstances. Now I think it's physical touch.
39. My life verse is Psalm 86:11-12 and I have it posted in our bathroom.
40. I think my only reason for going to college was maybe just to make some really wonderful life friends!
41. I shoot pictures with a Nikon D40. It was a wonderful Christmas surprise from Kevin, thanks to Black Friday sales! Finally, no more buying a new digital camera every other year!
42. I hate shopping at malls.
43. I'm honestly not a very good housekeeper. I do the basics like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and clutter, but everything else is lacking.
44. I love lists.
45. I'm not into technology gadgets like fancy phones and ipods. Regular CDs and basic cell phones are good enough for me.
46. I'm hard to surprise because I notice details easily.
47. After living 4 months without much while we were in our moving transition, I've been trying hard to get rid of STUFF and keep our new house simple and tidy.
48. I still love kitchen gadgets though, and my apple peeler is one of my favorites.
49. My middle name is Jane, after my grandmother. Sarah Jane is a VERY common name. In my tiny town of 1500 there were 3 other Sarah Jane's in high school with me.
50. My FAVORITE ice cream is slightly-softened cookies n cream, and I'm wishing I could eat some right now!


Mary @ A Productive Endeavor said...

That's a fun read!!

BellaMama said...

I agree with the hanger thing: my oldest daughter hangs up the clothes and it irks me to no end to see a shirt on "backwards"!

Really enjoyed seeing how much we have in common!

I am noticing a happier tenor in your voice!! It's a blessing to hear!!

Holly said...

I also do that with hangers, funny. And it's somewhat hard to surprise me as well because I notice little details too.

So, why do you color-code your pins??

In Light of the Truth... said...

I color code my pins because... I like to use pins that show up clearly against my fabric. So if I have a darker fabric, I might go straight to my white pin section. If I've got a light fabric, I might use my red pins. Or a green pin where I started and red pin where I need to stop. exciting huh?

bp said...

Great idea on the coloring coding of pins!!

It's fun to learn more about you. I am with you on #34!

Emily said...

Hey beautiful. Nice list. You are amazing, and I am so thankful to know you. It has been extra delightful to stay in touch via blogs!

crystal said...

Neat idea about the pins.. And I'm not big on bugs either...I couldnt stand to touch worms when I first started gardening. But I found myself picking them up to show my kids and now we have more fun catching them. My oldest wants to start a worm farm. lol...dont know how I am going to do that. I enjoyed reading this though..


Amy said...

I forgot to comment way back when I read this, but when I read #1 I was thinking 'wait a minute, she can't be adopted, I've seen her mom and there's so much resemblance between you guys and even Hannah!'....and then I read on and was like 'OHHHH!' I had no idea such a tragedy struck your family! Thanks for sharing your list. I'm totally with you on #31, #34 and #35 by the way.
Miss you friend :-)

~ The Way We Like It ~ said...

I love your list of now 150 things to know about you. I never knew you lost your birth dad when you were little. It's surprising how many things we have in common actually.....like cheating when you shave your legs! : )