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Friday, June 27, 2008

A little of everything.

Here's a random blog of things going on at our house lately...

* Flood status: It seems that people in Iowa are returning to their homes and sorting through all the damage. The water levels have gone down (still not sure if it's complete though). Kevin's sister's house in MN didn't get much damage. Just a couple inches in the basement and enough to ruin the carpet and cancel their trip here, but I think that was about it. They thought they would be able to come in August instead, but as it turns out, we just found out they won't be able to come at all. They only got a partial refund on their plane tickets for the five of them. Dad and Uncle Lucas can't come at all because that was their vacation time, and the refunds for their tickets can't be transferred over to the remaining three people (Mom, Nannie, and Aunt Carri). The refunds on their individual tickets aren't enough to cover a full ticket and they can't afford to pay MORE than what they already did in the first place. So basically, they can't come at all. And we're very bummed. BUT it makes us all the more excited to be moving back to Iowa this fall!!!

* I lost my digital camera at the park last Friday when we were there for playgroup. I had it all the way to the end when we were heading to the van. I remember, because Eli was trying to reach for it. But I forgot it was in the top of the stroller, and when I folded up the stroller to put it in the van, the camera fell out. And in the chaos of a screaming toddler who didn't want to leave the park and a small baby and our bags, I just didn't notice. And when we went back later in the day to look for it, it was gone. So for all week I was slightly worried about that, and we were already looking at new camera$. But today we went back to the park for playgroup, and a really nice woman who isn't part of our playgroup but knows two of my friends had found it and brought it to the park today!!! HUGE BLESSING!!

* We're almost to the end of the month trying the cash budget for the first time. (more on that to come)

* Hannah is 4.5 months old now. She finally had her checkup on Wednesday and she is 14 lbs 12 oz and 24.5 inches long, riding in the 75th percentile. She's rolling from back to tummy now and playing with toys. And she and Eli are getting to where they laugh at each other now. Sooo cute!

* We're working on sleep training with Hannah. For awhile she would only cry a little bit and then fall asleep for naps. But somewhere along the line that stopped and she'd just scream and scream and I just could not take that. It ripped my whole heart out! So in order for the two kids to share a room, a lot of times we'd rock Hannah to sleep. We'd swaddle her up and she'd go right out. It was easy and only took a few minutes. But we realized a week or so ago (when we tried camping, I think) just how often we were doing that and really did not want to create a bad habit. So one afternoon when I was out running errands Kevin decided to try the sound machine that we had gotten we were trying all this with Eli. It never worked for him; it didn't even phase him whether it was on or off. But it worked and is still working with Hannah! It's still not completely ideal but much better. So now the routine is to swaddle her up, rock her until she's calm and getting sleepy, and then lay her down to the sound of ocean waves. If she does still cry it's only for a minute or so, and she's out. So kudos to hubby for thinking of an option that seems to be working!

* I'm matron-of-honor for my friend's wedding in September in Iowa. Seeing that I live a thousand miles away with two small children, I'm just not able to make it back for a bridal shower n such, so I've been busy lately trying to help plan/delegate the work out.

* And finally, I'm a tired mom who every day wishes for a break! Hannah still will not take a bottle so Kevin and I can't really get out ever. I'm exhausted, and we just need to reconnect and recharge. And I totally blew it with my Bible Reading Plan that I started on my birthday/Easter. I'm about 100 days behind it seems, so I feel like I've just given up. I'm in a spiritual slump and have a bad attitude that negatively affects all areas of my life. I just need a heart change really. God has a lot of work to do on me. So pray about that if you think of it.

Just wanted to clarify that I'm not gloom and doom all the time. I'm still having a lot of fun enjoying my wonderful family and loving summer. It's just when the toddler episodes strike, I don't have the patience to deal with it properly leaving me feeling burnt out. And I think Kevin feels much of the same, probably because of my attitude!

Alrighty, I think that's about it. All pretty boring stuff and a ton of reading for you, but that's what we've been up to. And that's why I've been MIA from my blog for awhile!


Ryan and Amy said...

Life is sometimes hard with a new baby, especially if she doesn't take a bottle. Just remember, they are only little once. Try to enjoy the time and you will make it through this time.

Kelly said...

Hey Girl... I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. Things will get better, I promise. Just lean on God. I have always heard, "If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it!" And that is so true. Let me know if you need anything or just need a friend to talk to. I am so glad that the kids are doing well. I will be praying for you and the family. God Bless!

Holly said...

I was so excited when you shared your praise with me this week, it's good to celebrate with those celebrate, etc. I am praying for you, and Eli, Hannah and Kevin. 1 John 3:18-20; Psalm 63; Isaiah 41:10; Hebrews 4:9-11; Jeremiah 31:25 - Praying for you!

Julie said...

I have been there, Sarah! Still there a lot of days. Don't ever feel bad about speaking how you are feeling. Sometimes on my blog, I get attacked for telling the truth about how I am feeling (hence, the private blog!)but Satan would love for us to hold it all in & let it simmer. God understands & HE loves you, good days & bad.

I have been stressing lately because I am about to enter back into the land of the newborn (sleepless nights) and doing it with 3 kids under 4 yrs. is just blowing my mind! HOW on earth will I do it?!! I dwell on that a lot and I have noticed that it is MAJORLY affecting my attitude towards the other two and Charlie! All because I am not letting God have control! I am trying to control it all myself. So, I have been reading Philippians 4:6 A LOT the last few days! :o)

Sorry for the novel, I just felt like I needed to tell you all of that! lol. I will email you later & check on you. You are such an encouragement to me and I hope I can be that to you when you need it!

Blessings, Prayers & Love,

BellaMama said...

So glad to hear from you. Sorry that family can't visit,
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Rom. 8:28 not just a few! God doesn't lie. Lean on him for your strength for "The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe." Prov. 18:10

Yes, there are times when things are hectic and rough and don't go as planned, but God is teaching us, refining us and making us more like Christ, not how our flesh wants to be.
"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Cor. 12:9

I am learning to repent of my complaining and being irritated. It's not easy...I am often tested to see if I mean it! Years ago, someone said, "It came to pass, not to stay." Get in the Word...don't think of it as being behind in your reading, but
"It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness."
Lam. 3:22-23
You can do it!
"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Cor. 6:19-20
Many blessings & hugs,

crystal said...

It sounds like you are going through what most mothers new to having two kids goes through. I went through some of the same things not long after I had my second. It is a very trying time. My best advice is to start reading your Bible again or if you cant find time to read, listen to it on a CD. I have the whole Bible on CD and then I have a whole set of Bible Study CD's. I try to listen to them when I cant read. AND PRAY!

Having kids just takes alot of time, and especially one that wont take a bottle..It gets tough. You are very lucky that you have a very loving and understanding husband. My husband and God are what got me through the stage in my life with two. (reverse the order though...God first)

I dont have any scriptures to quote you. I am not all that good at memorizing them. All I can say is to give it to God. Remember the footprints poem? "....when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you." I love this poem. It fits a big part of my life. And there are still lots of days...even weeks that I need God to carry me. And He does. Without question.

It is tough but it gets easier. My sister is wondering right now what she is going to do with 3....I wondered the same thing. And still do alot of days, but things work out. I spend alot of my days praying really really hard. Not meaning to sound like my kids are monsters, they are not, I am just not a very patient person.

Now that I have wrote my novel, I will remember you in my prayers.

Blesings and Hugs

Kathy said...


Take heart! I have been there and it sounds like most of the other ladies have too! My girls are just 17 months apart and those first few years were tough! Basically having two babies at the same time, then came two toddlers at the same time ... etc.

But it will get easier! This month is the first time I've EVER had a consistent quiet time with the Lord and my girls are 5 and 6. For many years the only 'quiet' time I'd get was sitting on the toilet reading "our daily bread" for 5 min before one of the kids would come pounding on the door. =)

Just try to incorporate even a short time of prayer or reading just one chapter from the Bible. Even if you do it while the kids eat breakfast or while they nap, whatever works best for you. Don't be discouraged by how far behind you are, just pick up where you left off and keep moving forward.

Parenting is hard and many times kids drain us so much that we have little time for ourselves or our hubbies, but it will get easier. Maybe you and hubby could have a date night at home after the kids are in bed ... light candles, have dinner, play a board game together, etc... It's not the same as a night out but that will come in time.

I'll be praying that you have a better week! hang in there!
Love, Kathy

Servant Becca said...

What a joy to see so many respond to your posting so quickly! Having other brothers and sisters in Christ to share your struggle is part of what the body of Christ is all about. May the words spoken give you encouragement and strength to keep Him as your focus.

Many prayers for you, Kevin, Eli and Hannah. Each day is not about what you have done, but Christ has done for you. Even a bad day is made better through Him.

Love, Mom / G'ma

Kristen Townsend said...

You're a wonderful wife, mother and friend and you will get through it together with all those that love you. It's so nice to be able to share the thoughts and feelings that we may all be having - sometimes they even happen just about the same time.

I'll email you as I have a proposal for the "getting out" and needing some husband/wife time. Scott and I are there just about now, perhaps we could help each other! :)

Talk soon - keep smiling, I know you're good at that!

Melanie said...

Oh, my.. how I remember those days at our house! I, too, landed in a spiritual slump as well as a "bad attitude all the time" slump. It's so easy when the kiddos are little...

I'll be praying for you thru this time. Praying specifically for an easier week with lots of "Hannah goes to sleep easier" time. :)

Have a good one!

BP said...

I'll say a prayer for you. Hope you have a great week!

I'm glad you found your story. What a great story!