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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just popping in

Where has time gone?  Life has been changing in a lot of good ways lately.  Just small things that make big differences.  

The downgrade of my cell phone, going from a smartphone with Facebook always always at my fingertips, to a simple phone with hardly any memory space, a crappy camera, odd quirks, but an actual texting keyboard.  I love it, and I LOVE this change.  No more restlessness of "NEEDING" to check messages. I can simply BE where I am in the moment.  I'm still home, still with Internet access several times a day, but not every MINUTE. It's nice.  It's good for all of us.

A lot of things these days have been pointing me toward a more simplified life. It probably started with the Little House episodes, then coming across this fabulous blog called Finding Joy where Rachel shares the importance of finding beauty in the everyday moments. And now I'm currently reading the book 7: an experimental mutiny against excess which, as the title suggests, is about going against cultural norm and  paring down in key areas of life like food, clothing, media, possessions, etc. The American life, it's all just so MUCH!

I've been trying Pinterest ideas here and there, making things homemade. Eye makeup remover, carpet spray, cleaning the microwave, healthier recipes. And then using re-usable grocery bags. There's something so GOOD feeling about choosing the simpler way.

School started again on Wednesday. Fall activities haven't yet resumed, so I suppose it's allowing us to gradually find routine. Or something like that.  I miss Eli. We'd just gotten started reading classic chapter books from lists I'd found on Pinterest. And now, though we'll continue that, our time will be limited. Eli LOVES first grade though, and he LOVES his teacher, and he's beaming with excitement. And we have a good quieter calmer routine here at home during school hours. It's nice too. And I love that this is an opportunity to serve those in our community in quiet ways. It's such a nice balance in life and with others. 

I'm starting running again. I simply must get that darn scale down some and get rid of this extra pudginess.

Lots of little changes. Making life better.


Kathy said...

I love your changes! Very inspiring for me!

Mary said...

Now THAT sounds like a good book!

Anonymous said...

I've been debating my cell phone plan and I appreciate hearing someone satisfied with the downgrade when it seems like everyone else wants the next big thing. Looking to simplify more.

bp said...

Hope he has a great year in 1st grade! Thanks for sharing about what you are doing and the book title as well. Sounds good.