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Friday, November 2, 2012

Makeover project!

I didn't realize how long it's actually taken for this project to be brought to completion until I looked at the dates on my BEFORE pictures! (March!!)

So here's the story...
we've been wanting a second nightstand in our bedroom.
I'd seem some ideas on Pinterest.

I happened upon this free desk out on the consignment store's sidewalk.

I rearranged car seats and heaved the desk into the back of our car and brought it home and took it on as my own personal project.

Kevin helped me with the beginning steps though. We ran it through the table saw, cutting off the desk portion, and then flush-cutting the remaining parts.
I did some sanding on the laminate top and hauled it upstairs to see how it looked so far.

And there it sat for months and months and months apparently. Cuz now it's November.

Next I did a couple coats of primer.

I knew it wouldn't match the current woods, so I wanted something just altogether different and chose to paint it 2-toned. It was going to be the wall-color on the drawers and a "something darker" for the base. The "something darker" turned out to be a pinker shade than I was expecting... Is paint EVER the shade you were actually expecting???  And the wall-color for some reason was hard as a rock in the can, even though it had never been opened. So I instead used a similar color from the bathroom paint.  Replaced the hardware and ta-da!
The top handles are a slightly smaller size I couldn't find, so I might add ribbon as handles? Or not. Who knows.

A mostly-free project I consider complete!

As for the extra drawer we cut off on the desk part, I plan to paint it purple, back it with fabric, maybe add a shelf in it and hang it on the wall for Hannah to put some little knick-knacks. A combination of this pinterest inspiration:
and this one:

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