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Monday, May 19, 2014


Starts tomorrow and I can't wait!!  The kids basically stay on the same sort of routine year round. They wake up just as early, never sleep in, and thus they typically go to bed by about the same time during the summer months too. We try to follow this sort of routine for each day...

and this for the morning activity throughout the week:

I put it in our plastic fridge thing, behind our chore chart, so I can fill it in each week with a dry erase marker. (It will probably be highly determined according to the weather.) And these are the activity ideas I jotted down...

Make it Monday: homemade play dough, foam dough, baking soda clay, bird feeder, giant bubbles, homemade jam, dandelion tea?, glow bottle, DIY board game, play set additions?

Time to read Tuesday: library trip followed by park reading

Wet n Wild Wednesday: wash car, ice block with toys frozen inside it, water table, water bin, lake, pool, sprinkler, marble maze.

Thoughtful Thursday: letters and/or cards, service project, random kindness, neighborhood popsicles, book house donations

Fun Friday: outing, hiking, kids read-alouds with friends, lemonade stand, kickball, board game day, pond, orchard, zoo, playdate, etc

We don't usually have "bored" issues around here but if we ever have that then we'll implement this:

Over the duration of summer, the kids also keep a book log and when 100 (different) books are completed, they get to host an ice cream party with friends! They love doing this and were already ready to start our list a couple days ago!

Cheers to an awesome summer!!

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