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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas

Thought I'd take a little time to share about our Christmas celebrations the last two days. My Christmas Eve plans were to read the Christmas story from the Bible by the tree at Eli's bedtime, sing some carols by the piano, put Eli to bed, and then watch The Nativity Story movie. Those were the plans. BUT Eli is a toddler. He does not know how to sit still well, except up in the rocking chair in his room at bedtime. So bringing him downstairs by the tree threw things off and he didn't want to sit still for the Bible reading. And he was about equally excited about the carols. We ended up giving up in the middle of the songs and just putting him to bed. Kevin and I watched The Nativity Story, and it was very good and we've already recommended it to our families. It was a good Christmas Eve but not quite what I had imagined. Is it ever?

Christmas Day we got up around 7:00am. I got the breakfast coffee cake going and then we opened stockings. We ate breakfast, cleaned up, then opened presents. Eli had a great time and actually seemed to understand the idea of unwrapping something to see what was inside. He was a great helper. And his favorite toys are his new tool set (first tool set!) and magnetic farm set for the fridge. The rest of the day we just hung around the house, relaxing. It was a quiet day. I actually wasn't feeling the best so it was good to not have a busy schedule. For Christmas dinner we had corned beef, cheesy broccoli, rolls, and fruit salad. 'Twas yummy! =)

Okay, so there's not much to tell about our Christmas, but I thought I'd share anyway in case you were wondering. Now here are a few pictures... Enjoy!

The boys helping in the kitchen while I was making the coffee cake. We got out the old baby carrier just to see what Eli would think of it, even though he's way too big now at 17 months! And surprisingly, he liked it! He sure does like being a part of everything! =)
Eli sitting in his new big-boy chair, opening his stocking.
Opening presents...
Loving the new chair--when he sits in it we say "Yay!" and he claps.


Angie said...

PRECIOUS pictures! What fun with little ones and Christmas! Eli looks like he is having the best time!!

God's Child said...

The pictures are adorable!!! I love and miss you!!! Talk to you soon!

~Java Mama~ said...

Beautiful! Eli is so cute!