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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - Dec. 31

I was reading in the Woman's Day magazine I got in my Christmas stocking and it offered this tip for cutting back on grocery expenses: Double the time between your grocery shopping trips, then stick to this schedule like glue. If you currently buy groceries twice a week, stretch it to once weekly. If you usually shop weekly, hold out for two weeks. If you normally spend around $100 a week, you won't spend $200 for two weeks. It will probably be more like $150.

I have a hard enough time planning a menu for just one week, BUT I'm going to try doing TWO weeks this time to see if this tip helps. It's guaranteed I'll be back to the store before two weeks is up. But for milk and produce items only, hopefully! Soo... here we go!

Dec. 31-Jan. 6
Monday - reuben sandwiches (finishing off Christmas corned beef)
Tuesday - best-ever meat loaf, cauliflower, apples
Wednesday - ham n white sauce over rice
Thursday - soup
Friday - bagels
Saturday - south-of-the-border enchiladas, oranges
Sunday - day off

Jan. 7-13
Monday - broccoli sausage breakfast bake
Tuesday - goulash, garlic bread, salad
Wednesday - sandwiches
Thursday - appetizer nite- summer sausage and crackers, cheesy spinach and artichoke dip
Friday - tacos, peaches
Saturday - celebrating 3 yr anniversary!
Sunday - day off

Dessert of the week: fruit custard (new recipe! I'll post it if it's good)

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According to HIS Power said...

It all sounds so good, Sarah! Hope you are feeling okay and Eli is doing better?! I know the last few weeks can be rough. Praying for you, you have been on my mind lately.:o) And, thanks for the tip on the meal planning, I have been thinking that I will have to try planning more in advance to save even more money and time!

Have a Happy New Year!