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Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 Months Photo Shoot

Hannah turns 5 MONTHS tomorrow! I cannot believe how fast the time is flying! Hannah is such the sweetest little baby--so content and so happy. She loves her toes. She rolls over all the time now, but only from back to front. She gets up on her tummy right away and then gets stuck. She still requires about 4 or 5 naps a day--three long ones and one or two cat naps, plus sleeping through the night. She loves to babble and will really get going sometimes. And she loves when she can play in her friends' exersaucers! She'll probably be starting rice cereal soon, but I don't want her to grow up too fast so I keep avoiding it. =) I try to get a good picture of the kids each month, for the first year at least, so here are the photos I took today for her 5-month photo shoot!

(click image to enlarge)


Sandi AKA "Grammy" said...

She is so precious. Is she Happy all the time? I have not seen a picture of her when she was not grinning from ear to ear!! You may not know me, I am Kelly's mom.(I'm Loving Motherhood) She has your blog on hers and that is how I found yours. I am new to this blogging world I just got started.
Well you take care and love those babies. They grow so fast. And please tell your Husband Thanks for serving this great Country. I thank you too, the family gets called to service too! My husbands dad spent 22 years in the Navy! He knows what it is like to move and have dad gone a lot. God Bless all of You!!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah! Hannah is so precious & beautiful!!! I love the dress and hat, she looks just like a baby doll. Thanks for posting the pictures so we can see how much she has grown!

Hope ya'll are enjoying your summer! :o)

BP said...

She looks like such a happy little baby! I like her sweet little outfit.

crystal said...

Such a happy baby! She is so precious.


The Fischer Family said...

What a precious happy baby! That made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

She's so very adorable!!

Angie said...

Sarah---those are adorable! I am sorry I have'nt had a chance to come by sooner! I have been wrapped up with summertime GOING!
She is growing up so fast! I know Eli is lovin' his little sister:)
Have a blessed day---I will be doing some catch up reading while I am here!

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, she is such a beautiful little girl! I can't believe she's already 5 MONTHS! Does it feel like it's going by quickly?

Btw, I especially love the 4th picture. All are great, though!