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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Meanderings - Dec. 6

Alrighty, peeps, I don't really feel like doing Monday Meanderings today!  I just want to get off the computer and get to work!  I was lazy with the house last week (seems to be a trend when Kevin's on nights) so this week I need to get a LOT done, from catching up on laundry to putting clothes bins away to mailing out Christmas letters to preparing for next week's MOPS meeting.  But I WILL tell you what fun things are coming up this week!!

* Tuesday is our MOPS planning meeting.
* Tuesday night is a ladies night out for dinner!  It's been sooo long, I can't wait!
* Thursday I'm headed up to Omaha to take Claire's baby pictures/family pictures and maybe run a few quick errands while I'm there.
* Friday evening is Eli's preschool Christmas program, and at some point my mom/parents(?) are coming for Saturday's event...
* Saturday the MOPS mommas are getting together and heading to the city for Christmas shopping together!  We had a blast last year, so I'm super excited for this year!!

So that's my great week!  But for now I need to get to business around here!!!  Kevin's coming off of nights today (only sleeping a half-sleep) so I would love if things were in order again before he gets up for the day!!

Have a great week!  And if you want to join in, leave your link below!

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