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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Sometimes people pick a word to describe their focus for the new year.  And I think I would pick BALANCE.  I know that's kind of a lifelong quest.  As new balls continue to get added into the juggling act, we have to find new balance, a new rhythm. And sometimes you drop ALL the balls and you have to keep your smile on and pick them all up and continue.  And sometimes when it's just too much, you simply just have to go back to fewer balls, back to what you can handle.  

Part of my journey with Facebook is committing to only checking three times a day. Morning, afternoon, and evening.  When I told this to Kevin he laughed, but he's never been a Facebook user, plus he's a guy, so he doesn't understand the addiction that it can become because he doesn't crave that social aspect in his life.  A close friend of mine is also taking on this "challenge" with me, and the accountability makes all the difference. 

And this change feels good.  

It affects my whole approach to the day.

I feel ready to GO and ready to accomplish something, rather than spending half the morning lounging around and then finally getting moving, still just completing the bare minimum!

I've been working on my 2013 project list-- there's nothing like the awesome feeling of productivity! I had no idea we had so many forgotten drawers and shelves in our house filled with CRAP!  No more! Things are getting organized, tidied, CLEANED!  

But it's not alllll just about Facebook.  Part of it is (in real life) social time.  For awhile there in the Fall it seemed I had plans almost every preschool morning, and the housework was MAJORLY lacking! 

Part of it is evening activities and having too many things planned. 

But much of it is just life.  Housework, parenting and time with kids, finances, spiritual life, social time, marriage, housework, extra curriculars, serving others, health and fitness, projects, marriage, school, parenting.

It all just keeps circling round and round, and is never really "done".  

And that's where I want to find healthy balance.  I sooo want to establish a good rhythm for how to fit it all in well.  I DO think it's possible. It just requires me to use my time more wisely, to live life productively and purposefully.  No, I don't have to CONSTANTLY be multitasking-- there is a time for rest, every day not just Sundays.  There is a time to laugh and to play. There is even a time to be sad. But there's that word again, balance!

So here's to balance in 2013! Living intentionally, purposefully, and productively so I can live life to the full! 

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