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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life is dessert. Take time to savor.

I was deeply inspired by this the other day.  Take time to read the full post by Ann Voskamp.  

To consistently step back, breathe deep, focus — and know Life is dessert — too brief to hurry. Too delectable to be distracted through. You don’t wolf it down.
Life isn’t an emergency. Life isn’t 20 open screens and one flickering attention span. Life is a gift. 

This has been on my heart for the entire past year. Just tired of technology and the beautiful parts of life it steals from us. Things like focus and contentment and the simplicity of nothingness. The beauty of being still.

I know I keep talking about this but one of the biggest sources of stress and distraction for me is Facebook. I simply don't have the energy to CARE about every single one of my friends and all of their families every single day and still achieve and live the simple and rich life I want with my own family. I have spent the weekend disconnected from Facebook. I've popped on here and there to check messages and notifications, but I haven't spent ANY time browsing the feeds. And there's definitely a peace that comes from that.  No guilt over lists other people are accomplishing and I'm not, no angst over things I disagree with, no threads of conversation continuing thru the day. Instead, I've truly enjoyed my kids, letting them splash in water on the sidewalk, reading books and books and books, taking walks, being outside, enjoying quality time, creating spontaneous adventures, and finishing up some of my own projects. THAT is the life I want. 

* Just gotta add, when I stick to my filtered feeds of my core Facebook people, it's really limited and nice but sometimes it's still just so needed to disconnect altogether.

I {heart} Spring. There are just too many better things to do.


Kassandra said...

LOVE Ann Voskamp! She really knows how to bring everything down to the simplest point: live in the moment and thank God for each one!

Mary said...

I agree but it is hard. I feel guilty and think people will think I don't care about them if I don't check in. BUT my family life is better when I disconnect more! Hard to find that balance sometimes!
BTW, I love your picture header on here!!!