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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are you gonna DO??!!

...is the question I get all the time when I tell people that all three of the kids will be in school this year.  Eli's in 2nd, Hannah's Kindergarten, and Carter will do morning preschool two days a week in the same school as the big kids.

Did you hear that?? For the TWO mornings a week, I will have FOUR (blessed) HOURS to myself!  In 7 years this a first. A whole new beginning of something [I hope to be] wonderful.

It sounds like I'll be soaking in a bubble bath or at the spa. LOL. But here's the reality, folks...

I plan to...

Work out.
AND shower.
At normal times of the day.
Do laundry.
Actually CLEAN the house.
Do Bible studies.
Free reading.
At the school
Or with childcare
Or at an organization
Or with meal deliveries.
Do errands
and grocery shop
Finish house projects.
Scrapbook the last 7 years and more.
Catch up on my shows online.
Prep meals.
Maybe even FREEZE meals.
Do laundry.
Fellowship with friends. =)
Hang out with my husband when he's off during the week.
MOPS planning and functions.
Practice new music for church.
Declutter and sell items.
Yard work.

And more.

This is the reality. Not that it makes it any less spectacular. But there are always things that need done. And then when there's not, I will sit on the porch swing with my sweet tea and BREATHE....

Until the school bus rumbles down the road. And the crazy begins once again. =)


Randi S said...

you'll be amazed at how quickly that time will fill :)

bp said...

Sounds like you have a lot that you can do with your time! I'm sure it will be different and take some getting used to for them all to be away!

Randi S said...

Today alone, I did dishes (a HUGE load), 2 story times, pick up, drop off, finished a string art (while watching ER), organized my workout plan, lifted weights, called a friend to chat, went to the park with kids - twice, made 3 meals (2 for the freezer), and hosted our small group, and made granola bars (burnt them). LOL