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Saturday, September 14, 2013

YOU matter.

We live in a time now in which we basically say to one another via technology, "Want to know about me?? Here I am!!" So we continuously spew about ourselves and go and secretly spy in on one another. Daily. Hourly. Cuz it's so easy. But there's hardly any actual interaction, hardly any real connection. It's just us secretly spying and knowing all about each other's lives. Without genuine thought of I am thinking of you today. How are YOU?

And I'm tired of it.

I want YOU. The real you. And I want you to make a real effort for me too. I want actual relationship. And less mess.

So I unplugged. Without warning. But not without thought.

You know I've struggled with this for a long time.  With the balance. But it's not just that. It's also the sin. And the feelings it causes within ME as I read post after post of people praising themselves for their parenting, their kids, their accomplishments, yada-yada. And at the same time I feel shame because I surely have done that too. So here, right now, I apologize if I have ever publicly patted myself on the back.

Not everything needs shared.  It just doesn't. Technology doesn't need to be ME-focused.  Words always ALWAYS need to be chosen carefully and cautiously and tenderly because in one way or another we are ALL hurting. But oh our thoughts need ever to be reigned in. Why exactly are we sharing all our "thanks" with each other and not simply and earnestly with the Lord?? Can we simply have a good day and relish in the peace it brings?? Are we capable of doing good for another person without broadcasting it?? Humility. It needs to be re-found. As well as peace. And simplicity.

At least for me anyway. 

And I'm striving for that in so many more ways than just that surrounding Facebook. But you will hear about that another day.

So this is my mission: 
To seek out my dearest friends and make real, heartfelt connection with them. I'm old-fashioned and LOVE snail-mail. Do you?? And I love real, inbox messages that aren't junk!
To be present and spend in-real-life facetime with my locals.
To reign in my tongue and my thoughts and spend earnest time in thanks with the Lord himself.
To free myself of relationship clutter and stress that is technology.

I intend to share pictures with close family and friends, but please know this: it in no way portrays all of my life! There is more to my story than that. And a hundred bucks says that's the same for you, so take the time and ask. Make a connection with someone today. When's the last time you really asked, "How ARE you?"


Servant Becca said...

Sarah, these thoughts are beautiful! Your stepping back from the technology to interact with people, and more importantly with your God is such a hard, yet godly step. May you continue to step back; reviewing where you are at and what could you do better.

I LOVE the question, "Why exactly are we sharing all our "thanks" with each other and not simply and earnestly with the Lord??"

So simple, yet so complete.

Mom \ G'ma

Kathy said...

AMEN!!! I so agree with you!

Tanya Cowley said...

I love this. and you.

Randon and Emily said...

I always appreciate you. Especially for things like this. Thanks for making my mind stretch. Love you!

Mary said...

It's funny how the modern conveniences actually make life more complicated. I think you worded it well!