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Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Meanderings ~ Jan. 26

Bible Study... Finishing up our study on contentment this week. And on my own I am reading thru the Gospels, trying to get re-inspired by the life and teachings of Christ. 

Memory Verse...  Philippians 2:5
"Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Need to work on having a positive attitude, particularly with the kids, so that I'm not an annoying, critical voice in the house.

Train Them Up...
* This is week 2 of piano lessons with Eli and Hannah. The schedule has to be shifted on our Library week (flexibility is a big reason for doing our own lessons), so we'll see when it can get fit in for each of them. They're both excited and off to a great start though!
* Family read-aloud. I'm not very consistent about this.

Personal Goals...
Not only keep track of calories but make sure they're actually healthy choices. I'm finding that even if I stay within my limit, it's a noticeable difference when it's healthy choices or not, not just the scale numbers but the way I feel too.

New Habit of the Month...  {january}
fitting in piano lessons and practice throughout the week.

MUST Do... 
* Order Bible study books for upcoming study. 
* Finish the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge.  It's been awesome cleaning out and minimizing!!
* Mail bday invites for Hannah's party.
* Mail package.

Zone(s)... master bedroom. i want the floor space completely cleared and all laundry put away and dressers dusted!

Menu - 

M - chicken parmesan, salad
T -  crockpot ham and scalloped potatoes
W - chicken salad
Th - pork roast and saurkraut
F - baked chicken thighs, corn, fruit
S - homemade taco pizza

* two friend dates this week  =)
* library day tomorrow, which also means I get to clean out a box of books and puzzles that have been waiting for delivery.
* gorgeous weather for a few days = as much outside time as possible!!
* volleyball Thursday. my very favorite part of the week. we're finally getting enough players so it's been super awesome lately, and it's such a good workout I'm always sore the next day, even though we've been playing for months now!
* going to a varsity basketball game thursday. there haven't been that many home games so I'm excited we finally have a chance to go!
* Kevin will be off for the weekend, it's always nice when the schedule lines up that way. 
* new book coming in the mail. always exciting. hehe

3 things I'm thankful for today...
Amaaaaaazing weather for the middle of winter!  LOVE being able to get outside, and love the sunshine!
2. Productive weekend! We knocked down AND burned the garage all in one weekend and it's cleaned up and nice right now! Feels awesome to tackle some of those long-awaited projects!
3. Being physically active. Life is so much more fun that way! And never something to take for granted!

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