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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

#85: Organize recipes.

My old system for my recipes was a recipe box filled with more than a hundred recipe cards. I liked having the cards because they were easy to pull out for cooking. But what I didn't like was that a) it was hard to dig through and a find any specific recipe I wanted, b) it was hard to search through for meal ideas unless I pulled out the entire stack, c) it was hard to maintain order for any subcategories, and d) I always had loose full-page printouts laying around cuz they didn't fit in the box.

I've been thinking about this for quite awhile on how to resolve those problems. I thought about typing them into the computer and making my own personal cookbook, but I've put a lot of effort into making the recipe cards, I like them because they're small for on the counter while I'm cooking, and I like to try new recipes and a cookbook really wouldn't allow me add any, not to mention all the time it would take to type them all up. So, I kept thinking and decided to make a recipe binder. I ordered two sets of these sheets from Pillsbury, used a regular binder I had laying around the house, and just inserted all my recipe cards in an organized fashion with entrees sorted by type of meat and desserts sorted by pies, cakes, bars, cookies, etc. And I can still include my full-sheet recipes (either I haven't tried them yet, or they're too long for a card) and use a regular page protector sheet instead of the Pillsbury ones. I still have to make my divider pages for each category but otherwise the whole project just took a couple hours in one afternoon! And I'm excited about my new system! Check it out!

And it's another thing completed on my list of 101 Goals!


Kelly said...

I love this idea. I actually have a box of sheet protectors and a binder "waiting" on me to do the same thing. I have to get mine organized. I think I would cook a lot more if it were more organized. Great idea... I love it!!

Cutes, Scoots and Colbmeister said...

Ha.... Want to tackle my "stash" of recipe sheets, papers, cards, printouts, etc, etc, etc. I would love to have 1 place to find all the "cooking" ideas. I like this idea WAY better than the box that I have that is too overstuffed I don't wind up using it and just make the same silly teriyaki chicken time after time. :)

I'm so glad we share fun ideas like this with each other - what would we do without blogs!?!