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Friday, May 23, 2008

Walgreens Deals

I admit, I'm not really that great at finding the best deals. I don't get a Sunday paper so we don't get a lot of coupons and typically online coupons aren't for items I usually buy. So I try to get the most out of weekly circulars and saver cards. And today I was impressed with my deals at Walgreens!

Using this month's Easy Saver Catalog and rebates I got:
FREE Kicker's Energy Spray ($3.29)
FREE Oral-B toothbrush ($4.99)
FREE 4 pack 100W Light bulbs ($1.69)

Plus the coupons in the circular were:
$5.99 for TWO 50 oz Purex Laundry Soap
$2.79 for TWO boxes of Walgreens fabric band-aids
$0.99 for TWO 11oz cans of mandarin oranges
$0.99 92 ct paper plates (family is coming in a couple weeks!)
$1.69 bread (just cuz I needed it, I know it's cheaper at grocery store)

PLUS $5 off coupon TODAY ONLY purchases $20 or more!

SUBTOTAL: $32.19 (the coupons were B1G1 FREE)
TOTAL: $13.64 (after rebates and coupons)

How's that for a deal? =)


crystal said...

We dont have a Walgreens close to where we live. For me, it wouldnt be worth the gas money to go to the closest one. I wish we did though when I read all of the savings that people find there.


Kelly said...

That's a great deal!! We just got a Walgreens here not too long ago. I should go check that out. Thanks for the tip.

BP said...

I love finding good deals at Walgreens.

Julie said...

I wish we had a Walgreen's closer to where we live.:o(
I only go when we are at the doctor's (1& 1/2 hr. drive) and they always have such great deals with the coupons!

So proud of you for finding all of those great deals today, you are really getting good at saving!!!