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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My g baby

These are g diapers.  The middle ground between cloth diapers and traditional disposable diapers.  You can use cloth inserts or you can use the 100% biodegradable disposable/flushable inserts, both with the super-cute A-dorable g pants on the outside with a snap-in nylon liner that prevents any leaks.  The disposable insert biodegrades in 50-150 days vs 500 YEARS it takes for a regular diaper to break down.  You can flush them (if you don't have a septic tank) or you can put them in your compost pile (pee diapers only) or you can put them in the trash.
A friend of mine uses g diapers and her son (their first) is 2 weeks younger than Carter, so that's where I first heard about them.  I was fascinated but decided at that time not to do them.  We can't flush them (septic tank for us) and I didn't think they were cheaper than a regular diaper.  But then last week I was shopping in the big city, by myself (!), and I happened to see them right there at Babies R Us, so I got one package of each (the g pants, the cloth inserts, and the disposable inserts) to give 'em a try.  My main motivation??  It's going to seem sooo silly and immature, but really, it's because they have a "g" on the back of them and our last name starts with G, and they're totally adorable, and so there.  =)  I happened to have just bought a big package of regular diapers for Carter so I haven't made a big switch yet, and partly because I'd need to buy a few more supplies (more nylon liners!) to make it work well.  For now I just sometimes put the g diaper on him.  

I've experimented with both the cloth insert and the disposable.  I did have one poop straight on the cloth one and had to hand wash it out before the wash and totally hated that.  I'm VERY against me personally scraping poop off a diaper, nope, no thanks.  So I'm still working on figuring out what I can put in there maybe (?) to catch that a little better. There are liners you can buy but none have very good reviews.  Someone said they're basically just like a dried-out diaper wipe. So I might try that? Or if I want to just do the disposable ones, though I'm not exactly sure what the cost comparison is with regular diapers.   But for now, I am definitely enjoying this cute bum!  How could you not?!

By the way you can see more cute pictures HERE!


Sharon said...

LOVe them! They're adorable! I love the bright colors. Your boy is adorable. :)

I have never tried them personally, but for this baby, I'm planning to try some cloth. Probably Bum Genius or something.
I never thought I would, and I am not sure I'll go 100%. But I'm going to try them for myself.

~Amanda~ said...

An easy substitute for the liners is to go to JoAnns and buy some microfleece. You can cut them to fit and they shouldn't fray so there is no need to stitch the edges. If you don't want to go that route, look into getting a diaper sprayer. They are about $30 or Kevin could make one easily with supplies from Home Depot....google a how-to on making a diaper sprayer. It hooks up to your toilet and you just spray the poo off the diaper before throwing it in the pail.

Cloth diaper queen here....any questions, just ask! I've tried it ALL!

Becky Goerend said...

I highly recommend ordering the g-disposables on amazon! They have a new Amazon mom program that gives you 30% off! That puts a case of them down to $36.40- free shipping and no tax.

It's about .29 a diaper. Not bad to help the environment. That's why we use them. I'd try out the dried out wipe on top of the cloth and see if that helps with the poop. I bet it will be great!

Keep me posted!
Your friend the gMum =)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Wow, that's a REALLY good deal Becky! I did do a price comparison and was feeling really BUMMED (get it, haha) because gRefills are regularly about .40 a diaper, which is nearly double a regular diaper! But .29, I can handle that! Will still try the dried-out wipe. I've got two laying out dried right now in fact.

~Amanda said...

So what do you think of the gdipes? I've been trying to decide if I should order them. I've gone back and forth between cloth dipes and disposables for all the kids, but the reason I always go back to the disposables is because the cloth dipes get so huge and bulky that I can't fit them into their pants. I've seen the gdiapers before, on a tiny little girl who probably could have been wearing the size down. I thought they looked much thinner than the cloth I've been using, but also worried that they looked like they could leak. Thoughts? I'm so jealous that you had them in the store at your Babies R Us! I called ours and they'd never heard of them and don't carry them. I'd love to just get my hands on one and just take a look.

In Light of the Truth... said...

So far I think the gdipes are fine! Like I said though I'm still trying to figure out what kind of system might work best for our family. If I use cloth inserts... 1)we don't currently have a bucket for me to stash them in so now I just do a load of wash right away and throw in the insert 2)will dried out wipes catch the poop?? I tried ONE the other day and it caught MOST of the poop. So will TWO do the trick? 3)New kind of laundry detergent that won't damage the cloth inserts over time. Both the cloth inserts and the disposable ones are basically like a huge pad without wings. Yeah, like what we use for periods. LOL Because it doesn't have "wings" it does squish together between baby's legs and a poop will leak onto the liner a bit but not past that. The liner catches anything, and I just throw it in the wash with the other stuff. So I need more liners in order to gdiaper more often. They're not bulky at all and so adorable! I'd give 'em a try, Amanda!

In Light of the Truth... said...

AND might I add, the gpants don't really get dirty at all, so you can use them more than once before needing to wash. I have two right now, and I think maybe one more package of two will be plenty, since I do laundry pretty often around here.

Kathy said...

Those are great. And that is one ADORABLE model. :o)

~Amanda said...

They sell some biodegradable liners, which I used for Preston before I knew when he'd go poo. Now, I know he'll go first thing in the morning, and so I just use a disposable overnight and he dirties it first thing in the morning. (Really wishing he'd start going on the toilet!) The liners come on a roll, and are long enough to cover most of the diaper. I think Kushies are the cheapest I've ever seen. Since Tate isn't on any solids yet, I don't use any liners for him.

So, the gdiapers are not that different in price than the disposables, right? But the thought of being able to flush them away right away is so attractive to me. I can't stand even just the wet diaper smell. Gag.

In Light of the Truth... said...

I dunno, Amanda. I think the disposable liners are more like .41 each and regular diapers, say Huggies, are like .24 each. I joined Amazon Mom via Becky's suggestion, but it looks like gRefills aren't on their sale line right now. So I'm really trying to figure out how to better do the cloth for while we're home at least. I saw the Kushies roll, but wasn't sure about the reviews. Maybe I'll give 'em a try. By the way, I never realized you did cloth diapers at all! What kind of laundry soap do you use??