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Friday, March 11, 2011

Caught in real life.

A friend of ours stopped by unexpectedly and swept away my oldest two children!  That was the Facebook status update.  Isn't that every mom's DREAM??!  

Now here's the real story...

I was jamming away on my guitar and singing {loudly} in the dining room {great acoustics in there} when I thought I heard a knock on the door.

In the dining room the floor was COVERED in cupcake crumbs from lunch.  I was letting them get all dry and crusty so I could sweep them later.  You do that too sometimes right???  RIGHT??

The kids were running around in their underwear pretending they were swimming, infant floatie and all.  And they had dragged out the blankets so the living room had EXPLODED within the last 5 minutes.

I thought I heard a knock at the door so I looked out the window but didn't see any car, so I was yelling for the kids to see if THEY were the ones knocking.  I decided to check the back door anyway, and right THERE were our guests...

A friend of ours, and his little boy who's Hannah age, stopped by to drop off a couple space heaters they'd borrowed. 

While they were here they asked if they could steal Eli for a couple hours because their three girls were at a Girls Scouts overnight and Owen needed a friend to help entertain him.  So I said sure and started getting Eli DRESSED and ready to go.  And Hannah starts crying because she really wants to go too.  Our friend says she can come too and a couple minutes later they're gone!  And quiet.  And Carter is wandering around lost without them.  And I... am ecstatic to get a solid hour or two to get things CLEANED UP before the kids are returned.

Amazing.  Thank you God, Lord over all my life!!  What a great gift!

And thank goodness I thought to check my teeth after eating a poppy seed bagel for dinner.

{What about you??  What embarrassing circumstances have you been caught in the middle of??}


The Fifth Street Mama said...

hehe shortly after moving to our new house (in the middle of no where) our closest neighbor came knocking at the door at 4pm. She found me in my PJs with one kid in her underwear and the other one in PJs as well with a construction zone of an entrance way...

Servant Becca said...

I don't have a story to share, but want to thank you for helping me keep perspective going into this week off from school. God blesses in a variety of unexpected ways... And sometimes even when we aren't at our "best". Love your story!

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

So do tell, where did they go and what did they do? What did YOU actually do while they were gone? :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

The kids went to our friends house to play with their little boy cuz all his sisters were gone! And I wrote this quick blog post, cleaned up all of the downstairs while Carter watched a little Baby Einstein, and I read Carter a bedtime book all by himself, then sat down with my journal! It was fabulous!