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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mommy Tip: Brushing Teeth

The kids have recently started practicing spitting while they're brushing their teeth.  While we still have the the safe-to-swallow baby toothpaste we're practicing having them spit it out instead of swallowing it as they go.  So lately it's been a lot of up and downs from the toilet seat so they could spit. {the toilet is next to the sink so that's how they reach it, even a kids step-stool is barely tall enough for leaning over the sink.}  SO I had this great idea to have them both spit in the bathtub instead.  It's just their size and it's all the same thing right?  I shower at night so it gets washed out right away, although mostly what they're spitting at this point is just that, spit, anyway.

So there ya have it!  Take it or leave it!

Have a great Saturday!


Mary said...

That is a good idea for those who shower afterwards like you. I know! Not all step-stool reach!!! I have a two step styled step-stool from Target. The top step opens and I can stash wipes in there. It's a great product for anyone not wanting to spit in their tub! haha
(They could also spit into a cup.)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Okay, so you think spitting in the bathtub is gross. Now I feel slightly embarrassed that I even posted about this! Yes, I s'pose a cup would work as well. But then I'd have to keep cups in the bathroom. I've always wanted a two-step style stool, mostly for in the kitchen, but we simply don't have space for it. Especially in our small bathroom! Thanks for the ideas though... MAYBE I'll give it a try... =)

Becky Goerend said...

I think it's a great idea. Even if you don't take a shower at night, a quick rinse of the tub with a cup of water is easy!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Thanks, Becky! Because seriously, that baby toothpaste does NOT foam up so they're hardly spitting anything anyway. They just spit to spit, if you know what I mean!

Laura L. said...

Hey Sarah!
So, we use the kid's toothpaste..the one that has flouride, and it actually foams up so much, that the natural reflex(IMO)is to spit...you should try it!
And we have well water, so if they swallow a little bit of it, I think it's okay cause they aren't getting it in our water! I forget to give the flouride drops all the time!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Good to know, Laura! Probably when we run out of the current toothpaste we'll try the fluoride stuff (or maybe we'll just save this stuff for Carter since he uses it too). I don't think the kids will like it, but that's probably a good thing. What are fluoride drops???