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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Meanderings - Dec. 19

Bible Study... done with No Other Gods, want to go back to my chronological Bible reading

Memory Verse...  John 3:30
"He must become greater; I must become less."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Tidy house. 
♥ Fresh towels.
♥ Bake goodies.
♥ Light schedule.

Train Them Up...
* Be more focused and less distracted with computer things.
* Reading the book Going Public
* Read-aloud book: The Nutcracker. Keeping a list of some of our new vocabulary words so we can review them.
* Christmas packet for Hannah. And at the new year I want to start weekly letter work. Need to figure out what I want to do.  There are a LOT of super cute packets n such out there, but it's also a LOT of ink and printing and prepping for skills that are REALLY basic.  It's cutesy and all, but doesn't seem necessary to me. So I'll pick and choose.
* Homework practice with Eli: He now knows a whole list of sight words. I want to practice chunking bigger words with those sight words and doing rhyming words with other sight words.
* Night time potty with Hannah - I got a new package of pull-ups for Hannah (she still wore them at night and soaked them) but was too lazy to bring them inside (they're still out in the car), so I asked Hannah if she wanted to try panties in the night. And guess what! she stayed DRY all night! And two days in a row now! So we'll keep trying that!
* Get humidifier set up in Carter's room.
* Also want to do this Christmas lesson along with another one that reinforces our views on Santa.

Personal Goals...
- Set afternoons as my "quiet time". Stop TRYING to do it in the morning and then starting my day feeling like a failure when I "sleep in" instead.

New Habit of the Month...  {december}
*  Turn computer off at night.

MUST Do... 
* Prepare teacher gifts.
* Buy stocking items (notebook, pencil, toothbrush, treat, book?)
* Take kids shopping for each other. (Wasn't especially planning this but Eli said he wanted to get Hannah a barbie. We're not going to DO Barbie, but one is fine)
* Wrap presents (I've done NONE so far!)
* Finish wrapping our last few Christmas books we've been opening each night.
* Get last final gifts for Kevin's family.

Zone(s)... master bedroom (still in progress) Been sorting out of things to give away out of our house and it feels so good! Sheets and towels and clothes and toys, it's so nice to not see everything so stuffed full!

Menu - 
M - Pizza Hut (for school fundraiser. I goofed on the week so we went last week too)
T - Cauliflower Soup
W -  ham and white sauce over rice
Th - taco soup
F - ?
S - ?
Su - ?

* Just preparing for Christmas and doing fun family activities!! Love this week!
* Saturday night - watch The Nativity movie as a family
* Playing brass with the hymns Christmas Sunday (we'll practice on Thursday).
* Kevin works Christmas weekend so we'll celebrate next week as a family and New Year's weekend with extended family.

3 things I'm thankful for today...
1. Traditions. Love making memories.
2. Reading with kids. One of my favorite things about parenting.
3. Some military friends are returning for the holiday. One has been in Afghanistan for several months and will have to go back for another 6 months, but I'm so thankful that family of 9 gets to see Daddy again for a couple weeks at least!! =)


Randi S said...

oh Barbie's not so bad is she? I grew up with her and I never compared myself to her except that she could do anything, so why couldn't I? :D But I understand and I think that is sweet of Eli. :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Nope, Barbie's not so bad. I'm just avoiding them still because they typically have tiny tiny shoes that are too little for this house still because of a tot! That's all. =)