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Friday, December 9, 2011


I can't bear the thought of throwing away a whole pot full of soup from last night, nor can I give away any food that's not my best, so my crockpot is STILL sitting on the counter completely full of soup that clearly can no longer be eaten.

And I tell you this, because being real here is what I'm all about.

Happy Friday.


~Amanda said...

So sad! You didn't do it intentionally, and at least you feel bad about it. There are many who could care less about throwing things away. Maybe the next time you make a good one, you can be sure to share it to make up for the crummy feeling of having to throw this one out.

Judith said...

Decisions, decisions and being 'real'. Seems such a shame to throw food in these terrible economic times but I am sure that a needy soul wouldnt worry too much on your cooking skills. Thanks for sharing, I like your blog.