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Friday, March 2, 2012

{Newborn Photography} Baby Zeke

Rebekah is a friend of mine from MOPS. Then the Missouri flooding caused separation for months and months, Missouri started their own new MOPS group, and we just don't cross paths much anymore. So when she asked me to do newborn photos, I was pretty excited for multiple reasons and I anxiously started watching the calendar as the due date got closer and closer!  So it happens, Ezekiel was born on Hannah's birthday, and now there's another Valentine baby out there!  =)

Zeke is a very good baby, sleeps well and is content. But come the day of pictures, even with extra warmth and heaters, he must not have liked being undressed because he would NOT sleep!!  There were a lot of things I just couldn't do with him because of that, but there was a lot I DID capture instead. I forgot how much I love newborn quirkiness! =) Awkward movements and strange faces, I love it all! And finally at the end he slept for a little bit and I could catch some sweet sleep pictures. =) What a beautiful family!!

These are my favorites from the day...

their wedding rings have blue in them so I tried to feature that. click on the pic to view larger. the rings itself were Rebekah's request (love that!) but since Zeke was awake and wiggly, we combined it with the heart hand pic we didn't get to earlier. Holding his feet still for the rings AND getting the heart in, bonus! =) Sometimes you just gotta improvise!


Ashleigh said...

Sarah- You are such a great photographer! So many good shots of Ezekiel and family!

Rae Lynne said...

Your photography is so beautiful, Sarah. I wish I was closer to you! You could have snapped pictures of Saeli for us! I find that the bigger studios just don't capture the moments like I wish they would - there's no spontaneity or being flexible with the kids.

When I see your photos, newborn or other, you really seem to capture the spirit of those kids and families. :)