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Friday, March 2, 2012

Still here

Hi friends. I am still here.  Been busy and when I'm not, I'm lazy as all get out and enjoying the break.

Today is one of those days. Showered and got back into comfy clothes. Eli's off school today, so we're staying in. Trying to save gas, no place to go, so I let the kids wear shorts. Why not? 

I started a new project. Found an old desk FREE on the sidewalk, so I rearranged the back of our car and threw it in. Brought it home and am now currently working on turning it into a nightstand for our bedroom. It's fun to have my own project. To get out the tools and work 'em myself and prove to myself I do know a thing or two!  Can't wait to see how it turns out and hoping to win the approval of Kevin who was skeptical of my project idea!

I did a newborn photoshoot last weekend and am done finishing up the last of the pictures. Will post some of them here soon for you to see!  =)  It's been since Fall since I've done any photoshoots. I was so nervous. I'm still trying to do decide what exactly I want to do with photography, or IF I want to do anything at all! 

In a couple weeks I'll be headed to Chicago for a girls weekend with my college friends! I'll trek across Iowa, pick up three friends there, and we'll continue on to the city! SO EXCITED!!!  Then the week after that is my birthday and I get to celebrate with my friends here, as well as my own family.  So many great things coming up!

I have an idea for Kevin's family, and the more I think about it, the more excited I get.  It's pretty expensive, but it could be wonderful. It's a secret though, so I'll leave it at that.  =)

Life has been pretty great lately. For the most part. I'm finally feeling more settled here, forming a regular circle of friends, finding more ways to help at church and serve family and local friends in their individual needs. Continuing to grow new friendships, particularly with other COUPLES, and trying to utilize the most of the times when the kids are gone somewhere (ie AWANA, or school). Week by week the calendar has been filling up, and that's fun to me. The house may be a wreck at times, but at least I'm happy, we're happy. 

Alright, better sign off now but wanted to say hello!!  Have a great weekend!

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