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Friday, February 12, 2010

This is my life right now.

A list of what's been going on around here......

* I feel like my life revolves around getting sleep, and I'm getting tired of that.
* Exhaustion is a catalyst to a lot of selfish sin. (whole post coming on that soon)
* I thought I was figuring out how to help Carter sleep a ton better at night and then we've just had two BAD nights again.
* After all this time it's NOW that Eli decides he doesn't need an afternoon nap. He stays in his bed and is quiet but just won't fall asleep. Yet I spend the whole time trying, and I'm just not ready to reach this point, and I"m really frustrated that it's happening right NOW after we've just had a baby and I need sleep and afternoon rest more than ever!
* AND the last two weeks Hannah's started getting out of her bed and room at naptime. It takes a lot of spankings and frustration and anger and more selfishness before she finally submits and takes her nap.
* She's also been hitting a lot and plopping to the floor in fits.
* Carter naps a hundred times a day so therefore I feel like I'm putting him to sleep a hundred times a day.
* He likes to be swaddled and placed in the bouncy seat, falling asleep quickly to the sound of ocean waves. But I don't want to do that every time just to make it easy, for fear him becoming highly dependent on those things.
* I'm excited to take Eli (and Carter of course) out for a special day with Mommy. I cannot remember the last time I've taken just him to do something. Today he's going to pick out a birthday present for Hannah. And we'll go out for lunch somewhere. Probably McDonald's.
* And Kevin's going to take Hannah out somewhere fun too while we're gone.
* Blue Bonnet margarine is disgusting! To me it's the equivalent of Splenda to Sugar. Yuck!
* I'm tired of looking at dirty, nasty snow.
* I got the van stuck in our own lane last night as I was trying to get out for Bible Study. Everything's white so it's hard to see where the lane is, especially when driving in reverse. I guess I got too close to the snow piles along the edge and got it quite stuck. But after 10-15 minutes of spinning wheels and pushing and digging we finally got it free and I made it to the church just in time.
* Just in time for Carter to be fussy the whole time there. Yay.
* Tomorrow is Hannah's birthday party! So we have a lot of cleaning to do! I'm sooo thankful to Kevin for all the help he did yesterday, as I've been completely neglecting housework lately for the last 4 weeks and 1 day.
* But I am finally almost caught up on laundry (for now). Down to the last 2 or 3 loads! (for now)
* Kevin and I are going to a Valentine's banquet at the church tonight. The decorations were up last night at Bible study, and it looks like it's going to be lovely! Since Hannah's party is tomorrow my parents are coming a night early so they can watch the kids for us tonight. Now I'm just hoping Carter will allow us to enjoy our time, as we, of course, have to bring him with us.
* I've got breast milk thawing in the fridge and I want to try a bottle with Carter today. If he takes to it, this would give us flexibility and the option to have Kevin do one of the feedings in the night so I could get some sleep.
* My eyes have been bothering me a lot. Red eyes always flare up when I'm really tired, and well, I'm really tired. They're not as red now as they were earlier this week, but they're a little sensitive to light, I can't see clearly (the computer screen and books), and they're really dry. I have to squint even when we're inside. And when I forgot my sunglasses for my drive to town the other day, it was MISERABLE driving especially with bright white snow everywhere. I had to shield my whole face and open my fingers just enough to see the road.
* Trying to get Carter to latch on at night in the dark is super annoying. Neither one of us can see what needs to happen.
* I usually feed Carter for bedtime at 10pm, so I've been enjoying watching King of Queens weeknights at that time. Love that show.
* And hate Everybody Loves Raymond that follows at 11pm. I won't watch it, as it disgusts me how disrespectful Debra is to her husband.

So those are my random updates! What's been going on win your life lately? Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day with your lovers!


crystal said...

Sarah, I do pray you get some sleep soon! I remember those times, feel like your a walking zombie....and the selfishness does come out! I remember reaching that point and one Sunday afternoon, Paul watched the kids and I slept for 5 hrs (didnt even wake up when Jason needed feeding and he took a bottle just fine!) . It gave me the refreshment I needed for a while...Maybe Kevin could watch them for a while and let you sleep or maybe your parents since they are in for the weekend....I always just hate asking people for help, but sometimes, it is unavoidable....

I will keep you in my prayers and I hope you have a wonderful time at the banquet tonight and a wonderful weekend with family!!!


Anonymous said...

"This, too, shall pass." Hang in there, the li'l darlins grow up quick! When you are tired, it seems like it will be forever before you can rest. But it has only been a month since Carter was born. That's about 3/10s of one percent of YOUR lifetime. So the next month will also be about 3/10s of 1% of your life. By then, all your little people will have settled back down, and you will catch up. Just one day at a time...
Love and prayers,
Aunt Barbara

alisha said...

Oh Sarah. Reading that makes me just want to take a deep breath for you! What a exhausting time for you!!

The only thing I have to share is that dimmer light switches were my life saver when it came to nursing in the dark. I would highly recommend having a dimmer light whereever you nurse at night--then you can turn the light on just faintly enough to see a little bit.

Hang in there girl. Enjoy your TWO YEAR OLD this weekend!!! :) And cherish each second of your date night with Kevin!! (can't you leave the baby home and let Grandma give him a bottle???)


In Light of the Truth... said...

we're gonna try a bottle for the first time today. then if he does well, I suppose maybe we could leave him with my parents tonight. I dunno, I hadn't even thought about it!

BellaMama said...

Drink your water! (In big sister voice) Dehydration occurs as much in winter.

I also went through a time with each child, when they were done with naps. If you need to nap at the same time, try sleeping in their room with the door closed to keep in wanderers or even put them in your room for naptime. Sometimes the change helps and with mama right there maybe Hannah will nap sooner. My older ones (starting around Eli's age) have quiet time. They can have quiet toys or books and are reminded to be very quiet so the babies can sleep-including baby mama! :)
You have tons going on and it makes for stressful situations. You're probably in need of B vitamins. This might also help with the eyes...or even baby carrots or carrot juice.
Remember the Lord-He's your strength! Don't allow yourself to get frustrated in the midst of these situations...Jesus gives us peace, just receive it!

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2 Cor. 12:9

Watch and see what God is doing in your life...let Him handle the little things!

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."
Matt. 11:29

Praying always for you!

S Club Mama said...

Oh Sarah, I understand. Isaac still doesn't sleep through the night - although he usually just needs his pacifier stuck back in. Lately, though, I've been just worn down. And you may feel tired, but let me tell you that you look terrific!!