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Sunday, February 28, 2010


My life right now. And so this post will be short. But I thought it a good moment to be real here...

I can handle the juggle with three kids pretty well. But not yet can I handle the three kids thing AND housework! It's pretty scary around here!

I neglected the laundry so much that the laundry shoot from the basement was backed up all the way to Eli's room on our second floor of our house. I thought maybe something was just stuck somewhere in the middle but when I started pulling clothes out the bottom more and more clothes just kept on dropping down. Yeah, that's bad. Kevin has no white socks and Eli has no jammies. But somehow we keep having just enough to make it through the next day.

But apparently if I run the washer and dryer at the same time AND take a shower near that time it blows a particular fuse in the basement that smells like burning.

Uh yeah that scares me thus part of the reason I've been sluggish on the laundry.

Dirty dishes have sat at the sink for 2 days.

And I wore the same jammies around for 48 straight hours.

Because Kevin had days off the early part of last and we were spending a couple days out and about and then he was going on nights (and I rarely cook real meals then), I never planned a menu last week and we ended up eating out almost every day! McDonald's, Valentino's, Arby's, Quiznos, Arby's, Sonic. Seriously people, did I really do that?!

Carter wakes up for second night feeding around 6:30-6:45ish, so I'm always in the middle of feeding him when the kids wake up in the morning. I'm busy while they continue to call for me. And this week with Kevin being on nights he's just gotten in to bed next to me and is sleeping.

The kids always wait 'til I'm mid-feed and tied up to ask for me to get them drinks. How many times a day can I say, "I can't do that right now. Can you please wait?"

Carter's swaddle Velcros keep getting caught on all my shirts. Annoying!

I feel like way too often Carter gets left to just sit and cry while I just take care of what I need to take care of. ie putting the older two to bed or nap, getting their coats and shoes on, fixing a meal I need two hands for, or just finishing washing dishes before the water gets cold.

It would be beneficial a lot of times to put Carter in a sling, but I don't have one. My Ergo pouch is great but not so much for newborn stage. I tried it the other day but it makes my back really hurt. I looked up how to make a sling out of a bed sheet, but it used a twin sheet and I don't have any of those.

Hannah's been taking her diaper off randomly. I'm not really up for the potty training thing right now. Hmm, not sure why! =D

My husband weighs less than me right now. That bothers me.

I started The Shred two weeks ago and then ate out every day last week, so that pretty much stinks.

It's starting to get warmer outside but there's still a 4-ft drift covering our entire sidewalk. So we have to troop through the grass, icy snow, and mud to get down to the van every day.

The roads are terrible. I think I'm going to be mudded in as much this spring as I was drifted in this winter.

So yeah, I think that about covers it. Do you have chaos in your life right now? Please share with me so I don't feel so bad! =)

UPDATE: Not even one minute after I posted this I saw a mouse run across our living room!! AAACCK! Is this even for real??!


S Club Mama said...

Would you like to borrow my mei tai? It works really well for a newborn. Isaac doesn't like to be cooped up in it anymore (even on my back) and seeing as I'm not having another baby for at least awhile, it's just sitting in my closet. Email me and let me know.

Do you need some help? You say the word and I'll bring my boys up and help you out OR I can come up at night maybe some week night and leave the boys with Anthony.

Mary said...

Well I don't have 3 yet and feel OVERWHELMED too. Last week I had supper company so put some big dirty dishes under the kitchen sink in a wash basin. That was Friday. I remembered them on Tues! My excuse was that they were things I don't use daily so that's why I didn't need them but I'll have mice too if I keep that up!
I can't tell you how many things we've bought simply because we haven't finished unpacking and can't find what we are looking for. I just discovered a shed full to bring in the house including my car's snow brush. I have 2 now. I must unpack. Again... out of sight out of mind.
And my floors are so gross that I, the one who makes ppl take their shoes off, suggest they leave them on.
I run the roads many days a week, leaving household tasks left on the back burner. I have no energy to move around and clean, tidy, or organize. Physical or emotionally. When the kids go to bed, I shut down. I watch useless TV or FB and waste hours, but don't even care.
My attitude sucks most of all.
I feel your pain.
Oh how I feel your pain.
You are NOT alone. I'm here. :o)

jaesi said...

2 day dishes are nothin---

I think mice love you :)

You bring your kids over to my house for the day and go do something fun!
Im serious. (but maybe start a load of laundry first) ;)

Ive started putting sippy cups in the fridge at night, that way I just point to where they need to go. A few extra minutes for me to be lazy.

Baby #3's had to have known what they were coming into- a little crying never hurt them :)

crystal said...

Oh Sarah, Thank you for making me laugh this morning...And yes, I am laughing because I understand completely! I remember many times when we didnt have a single shirt in our closet or socks in our drawer....Paul even bought new socks one time just so he would have some for a week.. lol.

I too used to put sippy cups in the fridge at night and I put a fruit basket on the table with apples and bannanas in it, and at night I also put yogurt cups and peanut butter crackers at a level where Kylie could reach and get them for her and Alaina...(just enough for that morning) and we would all sit at the table and I would nurse Jason while they ate... It was a little bit extra money for a time, but it was so worth it just to keep my sanity..I also did juice boxes for a while...during those long sleepless night.. The laundry eventually got caught up for a day but I have to have a laundry schedule (see Julies blog for hers...) to keep it all done. Dishes still sit in the sink for a day or two..we use papaer plates alot and the crockpot (cause then you have very little to wash) And it gets better as they get older, you miss the baby stage, but just think Eli is probably like my Kylie and he is old enough to help Hannah get food in the morning (even if it is just yogurt or crackers until you can get something more for them...) And they probably enjoy helping sort the laundry and put it in the washer and dryer and get it all out....and Kylie loved to help fold...the clothes werent perfect, but it helped..Alaina never has wanted to fold..lol. But Jason is now folding washcloths and putting socks together...and they love to help with dishes....

I wish I lived closer so I could help. But just enjoy Carters baby days and enjoy watching Eli and Hannah love on their baby :) And thank you for being real!!!!!


The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Do not fear, we're all there! Heck, think positive, at least you don't have work to contend with as well - I've got that lingering over my head at all times because that's typically what gets put off when the kids have needs and the get taken care of first.

Somehow I do manage to keep the laundry going as Colby reminds me when the buzzer goes off and trots off to help drag it out. I actually find I don't mind doing it because I drag it out and fold it on the living room floor instead of the confines of the laundry room. He matches the socks, which is great learning fun for him and a lot of help for me while Parker digs through the clothes and usually manages to dump over the basket now that he's pulling up on everything. Not exactly a big help.

Oh and we've been so busy these days that we completely forgot to keep an eye on the propane tank and Saturday ran out - totally on E, like zip, no more! Yep, no stove, no fireplace, luckily we use oil for our main house heating so just cooked yesterday with the oven and microwave. I suppose it was a good excuse to try a new recipe since it didn't need the stovetop.

And don't worry it's during these types of times that all the kids will learn some patience. Eli and Hannah while you are feeding Carter and they have to wait. Colby sure learned that he would sometimes wait to get out of his crib in the morning for almost a half hour - he was fine with it and just played pretend with his stuffed animals. I convinced myself that's why his imagination is flowing so much now! And Carter will also learn a valueable skill - to sooth himself - chew on the fingers, find his feet, pull off the socks, whatever it may be, but in the longrun you'll be better off!

So don't pull your hair out too bad and trust me it's ok to stay home sometimes.

Oh and I have discovered the beauty of playdough. Keeps Colby occupied for hours! A spoon, a few cookie cutters and he's a happy camper.

BellaMama said...

Add renovating a house and putting it up for sale to the mix and you've got most of my days! The children have been watching way too much PBS and library videos just so I get those moments to myself-to do the dishes, laundry, cook! It's ok, learning to see the humor in it helps. Encourage the kids to help by telling them how much of a blessing they are, and how much of a big boy/girl they are and won't daddy be so pleased! The whole world needs us while we are mid-nursing!! I looked up those long wrap things, made one out of a sheet and just tied it to make it long enough and it works well with newborn in front or back. Baby falls asleep, I have both arms and get so much more done! Hope you find what works for you!!
I gotta go now...naptime and I haveta go figure out something to make with the crockpot chicken I did last night.

Kathy said...

Big Hugs Sarah. You are a great mama. Day at a time. :)
{I can totally relate too, my days lately have been nuts}

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Oh I found this the other day and remembered your Ergo issue. Perhaps it is worth a few bucks to have your hands free for outside playtime with the kids coming over the next few weeks.
There's an infant insert for your Ergo. Looks like it might work.


sorry, random thought, way overdue!

And if there is one around for you somewhere, I Love the Moby wrap I got and use all the time still with PJ.