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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photography: Isaac, 17 months

I got the privilege of watching sweet Isaac yesterday, and you know me, I just HAD to take some pictures while he was here with us!  When taking pictures of younger ones who are incredibly mobile (like Carter's age to 2yrs), it's sometimes easier to find something to sit them on so they don't crawl/walk away so fast.  I don't really have anything fun in our house, but that's the reason Isaac is just in the chair.  I love how these capture a bit of what toddlerhood is all about--from the expressions to the way they sit to the adorable smile you can eventually get.

I love this face! Makes me laugh!

really sweet

 And then I bundled up the little guy to help me check the mail....

always busy. always on the go.

all bundled! so cute!

thanks for coming to play!  you were great!


S Club Mama said...

Sarah I love these pictures SO much! I'm dead serious when I say that you have such a talent for photography!

jaesi said...