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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Meanderings - Jan. 24

I did get this planned out in my journal earlier today but haven't had time 'til now to get it posted.  The kids went to bed well tonight.  Except for Hannah who threw a fit getting into jammies and had to miss stories.  But otherwise it was quiet after my final "goodnight", and that truly is wonderful when it happens.  ANYWAY, it's another fun week here!

Bible Study... Daily Seeds devotional

Memory Verse... James 3:9-10
" With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God's likeness.  Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.  My brothers and sisters, this should not be."

Husband Encouragement...
♥ Encouraging words.
♥ Pack lunches.
♥ Tidy home.
♥ Say thank you more.

Train Them Up...
* Make a potty chart for Hannah.  She's doing so well with potty training now, it's time to make a reward chart for staying dry all day.  Once she gets to 10 she gets an ice cream!
* Brainstorming about revising the chore chart, chore wheel or something?
* Go a week without TV or games. (just like the Berenstain Bears book we've been reading)

Personal Goals...
* Devotion.
* Fight the urge to "get out of the house" all the time.  Make the most of our home time!
* Blog-- Carter's birthday party, children's museum

New Habit of the Month... get to bed earlier so I can get up earlier

MUST Do... 
* Don't forget Carter's doctor appointment!  I totally spaced it on Friday.  Kevin ended up taking the day off and I was enjoying that so much I forgot about everything else!
* Prepare Moppet postcards and lesson.
* Thank-you notes.
* Pick up Hannah's birthday present while I'm in Omaha Thursday.

Zone... laundry and master bedroom

Menu - I finally figured out something I can make when Kevin's on nights!  Casseroles.  Not EVERY night but at least once maybe.  Usually we eat scraps from the back of the cupboard when he's not here, but really I hate that.  Kevin doesn't really like casseroles, they're easy to throw together, and they usually provide leftovers.  SO. 

M - tator tot casserole
T - white chili
W - homemade pizza
Th - crockpot BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, corn
F - out

* We had a lunch playdate today!
* Tuesday is Carter's 1-year checkup and errands without all the kids.
* Thursday after I'm headed to Omaha children's consignment to get a few things for the kids.  
* Friday night is MOPS mama's game night!

3 things I'm thankful for today... 
1. Friends.  Really really great friends. This is our last week with this dear family before they move.  And as very sad as I  am, I also feel so very thankful.
2. Books.  I love reading with the kids.  We don't do it enough.  But it's so fun to just to snuggle close, not have to worry about too much fighting (except for who sits where), and dive into silly stories!
3. Forgiveness.  'Nuf said.

So there ya have it!  Join me and link up below!  You can read the guidelines (AKA copy and paste the categories HERE.)  Have a great week!


~Amanda said...

I just ordered a SUPER AWESOME chore/responsibility chart by Melissa and Doug. It's magnetic, and has so many options and for the chore/responsibility. Manners and behavior are on there, as well as some of the common chore tasks. I love it. The boys love it. And I thought it was pretty affordable, considering the countless hours I've spent creating charts and not liking them in the end. I can send you more info if you want. I ordered it from Amazon (AKA my favorite "store").

In Light of the Truth... said...

I think I've seen what you're talking about, Amanda, but the magnets just look small for Carter to be around!

The responsibility chart I have now works well--the kids (mostly Eli) love getting checkmarks on it throughout the day when they do something like put their cup or shoes away. But I'm brainstorming adding house chores that change depending on the day.

~Amanda said...

You could have the columns or rows that go with the days of the week be squares with the different responsibilities inside the square, and then you could just mark off on top of the responsibility.

Also, the one that we have can also be a dry erase board, and so after they've gotten a certain thing marked off, we also have a built in reward. Just like there are things we need to or should do each day, I want the kids to know that we need and should have some fun together too! I felt like I was forgetting that a lot. Now, after they've changed, brushed teeth, and done their "homework" (which is our Bible study time), we get to play school! They love it - taking turns being the teacher, and being the student. And I love it because we have so much fun and they get to practice things - like writing their letters or words on the marker board, or reading to me and I give Aiden a skittle for each page that he completes.

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Perhaps it's an off the cuff thought, but why not ditch the chore chart and just set out verbal expectations instead. The kids at their age should be aware of things that are necessary parts of the day as it should be a standard part of the routine and they know that daddy works and both mom and dad do "jobs" around the house like wiping down the counters or vacuuming or things like that. So in our house we just call them their "jobs" and even PJ at 18 months old knows the word and that its an expectation before the end of the day the he helps clean up the toys or put away the books. Colby's "jobs" each AM are to go potty, get dressed, do his nebulizer, brush his teeth and help straigten (very hard to actually make a bed completely as a toddler) his bed. Before naps we all pick up the toys. At meal times he helps put the silverware and napkins on the table, helps to clear the table, etc. And at bedtime, much of the same as the morning. When the expectations are met then it simply just means the reward is what they want most... time together. If he gets his nighttime jobs done in a timely fashion, then he gets 2 stories, slow poke, only 1. (I find it very hard to remove story time completely as that's very educational and would rather use it as a teaching moment by selecting a story appropriate for his choices and behavior.)

Just an idea. Seems like it may be more work that its worth to continuously remember the check marks or chart things. If the consequences match the expectations then it just becomes routine and everyone is happy and the day flows smoothly. Or so that's what we've found.

Just some thoughts. :)