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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What's in my head...

These are some of the really random things I've been thinking about this week, usually as I lay in bed waiting to fall asleep.  If any of you smart people have answers for me, do answer!

* How did Native Americans get here?
* Did the continents really used to be all together and break apart later?
* If we all come from Adam and Eve how do we have different races of people?
* If we all come from Adam and Eve, that means brother and sister had to mate/marry in order to continue population?

See, I told you, RANDOM!  What random things have you wondered about??


S Club Mama said...

Native Americans possibly came from Asia/Europe over the ridge (can't think of the name) between Russia and Alaska

I believe they really used to be together but during Babel God separated it (not sure on that timeline but I think sometime they broke apart)

During Babel is when different races came about when God separated all the people from creating the tower

yes but the blood lines were pure so it didn't really matter at first and God then told his people not to do that any more when the bloodlines started to be icky

Anonymous said...

We have different races from evolution. As people evolved in different regions, their bodies evolved to accommodate them. Warm climates (such as Africa & South America) have larger nostrils & coiled hair to better ventilate the body and darker skin to protect from being closer to the equator. The opposite is true for colder regions. Pangaea is what separated the continents. If you Google that word you can learn all about it.