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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perhaps it's time...

... to pack away all those outgrown clothes!  Out. of. control.

I seriously feel like I just did this a couple months ago and here we are again! Not because we've the kids are particularly growing SO fast, but mostly because I've decided I should probably just put away all of Eli's 3T stuff (He's 4.5 now!).  He's been wearing a lot of it again this season, just a little tighter and shorter, but in effort to thin the closet, I decided to just strip it all out of there!  Same with Carter and his 6-9 month stuff--he was still getting by on some of that, but I decided to just pack it away anyway.  So this huge pile of clothes is getting sorted into bins and bins sitting in the hallway.  I actually got most of it done today! WHEW! It's such a big project to go through kids clothes like that!  Do you have a system??


Kassandra Kurth said...

I just did the same thing right before Christmas. My system: let it pile up until I can't take it anymore then wait until I have a day where I don't have to work, but the day care is open and sort clothes. Ok, so that's not a system at all, but I haven't thought of a better way to handle it yet....

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

I nearly do this on a daily basis instead of letting the outgrown stuff sit in the closet. When I pull something out and it no longer fits, I put it on a pile to go to the attic/basement (used to be basement and is now the attic since we only have a crawl space in this house). Next time the kids are both asleep or occupied I grab it and take it off to the designated spot.

What's that spot?

Well, I keep a LARGE tupperware bin (like $6 at Walmart), 1 for each child in the Attic and as clothes get outgrown, I toss them into the bin. For big boy clothes, like Colby's that I know PJ will eventually use, when the bin gets filled, I take an afternoon or a longer amount of time to sift through it and put the stuff PJ will use sooner on top and the bigger stuff on the bottom (because basically as I have tossed them in it would be reversed). For PJs clothes, I don't really worry about the order or chaotic mess that the bin becomes until I figure out whether we're having another, or there's an outfit I have a friend who might use or could donate. Then, when PJ is ready for the big boy clothes I just grab that bin, empty the WHOLE thing into his closet and then have a new empty bin to fill all over again.

Pretty simple because really the only bin I give much thought to is the one I fill with the clothes that are being passed on. OTherwise, they're just being stored away. I do it whenever I happen upon them so that I don't end up with the "big project and letting it stack up". I also find that if I weed the closet as it happens that its much less frustrating to get everyone dressed. Plus, then, Colby can choose his own clothes (with some guidance) and know it will all fit. Happy kids and happy mommy! Simple life.

Hope this helps.

In Light of the Truth... said...

I guess we all KIND OF have the same system-- A place we toss clothes when we realize they don't fit, and periodically we go through it and put them away, just as I did yesterday. Since we have a laundry shoot in this house, we don't need these hampers that we had before. So they are my toss zone, one for Eli's room and one for Hannah's room. When i realize a shirt/pants doesn't fit it automatically gets tossed into the hamper. Everything in Eli's closet did fit him--he picks his own clothes too. But some of them were on the small size. Worth packing away anyway, in order to make more space in the closet. Same with Carter's things, since they share a closet. Then once the hamper gets sort of full, I take a day to pack it into bins. One big clear plastic bin for each size, labeled something like "6-9 month BOY". Although it took 2 bins for Eli's 3T stuff! Carter's passed through a couple sizes in the last few months, since he's a baby, but pretty soon here everything in the hamper will just be one size and easier to pack away without so much SORTING.