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Thursday, February 2, 2012

IN the picture. In the MOMENT. {Month 2}

I posted the first of this "series" a month ago, so maybe going monthly is a little more realistic vs trying every week! 

This has been a C.r.A.Z.y week schedule-wise. Just unreal. All good stuff, but just not our normal! ANYWAY, here's the story of today's pictures...

Every afternoon I put Carter down for nap first, then read a couple books with Hannah or do schoolwork with her, and then I let her "hook on" my back and carry her upstairs for her nap or rest time or whatever she ends up doing. Just depends on the day whether she actually falls asleep or not. When I was bending down to let her hook on my back today, I thought it would be a cute picture, so I got back up and grabbed my camera and we repeated for a few snaps.

Can you believe this sweet girl is going to be FOUR in 12 days???


Simple Life said...

Great pics of you and Hannah!! :)

Randi S said...

I love that last picture! :)

The Fischer Family said...

So sweet Sarah! She is too cute! And I am loving your hair!!!