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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Overthinking it!!

Valentine's Day is coming up. While I don't go crazy about what to do for my husband this single DAY of the year (we have no plans or gifts or cards whatsoever), I do hope to make it a little something special for the kids. Using some ideas from Pinterest I want to...

make heart shaped muffins or pancakes for breakfast (it's also Hannah's birthday)

fill out one of these for each of the kids:
maybe have these for lunch:
hot dogs + spaghetti noodle + cheese
And that's about it. Now, this is where the trouble begins, both {big} kids have Valentines parties at school. Hannah and I {and Eli} have already made her valentines box, decoupaging scraps of construction paper to a shoe box. It now looks like pink and purple and white camouflage and was actually really fun (and EASY) for kids to do (we are DEFINITELY gonna do more crafts like that!!). But now I'm STILL debating on what to do for their Valentines!  

Last year Eli hand painted his own. He was the only one in his preschool class to bring handmade cards. This year I looked at store bought cards, but almost ALL of them say ridiculous things like "You're Mine" "Be Mine" "We'll be friends forever" or they were too princessy with messages about fairy tales OR they were animated skull and crossbones!!!  I'm sorry, but these are just KIDS. They DON'T have a lover. They WON'T be friends forever probably. Life isn't a fairytale. And I probably will never approve images of skulls and crossbones!  I don't want to be crude, but I do like to stay in reality and these messages start young.

I'm looking for something that simply says "Happy Valentine's Day" or "So glad you're my friend" or "You're the best!" Really. Why can't it be that simple?

I don't really want to spend forever MAKING something, but do I want to use up all the printer ink using printable cards with more appropriate messages?? Or am I totally overthinking this and should just get generic cards, knowing the kids don't actually care about the cards or take them personally???


Mary said...

I'm about to post a homemade Val card on my blog and am mentioning this great resource. I'm sure you'll find a sentiment there if u decide to make your own: http://webclipart.about.com/od/holida1/ss/Clip-Art-For-Valentines-Day.htm

And I got the kids some from Walmart rather than make 40 between two classes! They had Highlights ones where the kids have to find the hidden object in the pic. Lance picked super heroes.
I didn't even worry about the store-bought sentiment though. I figure the kids just look at the pics.

~Amanda said...

I'm a big fan of home made Valentines. Aiden made some one year that had a font made out of clouds and rocket ships, and they said "Hope your Valentine's Day is a Blast!" We printed four it six to a page, and then glued them to matching construction paper.

Do what you are comfortable doing, whether home made or not, but if the messages are what you don't like, don't forget that he is going to receive them so you can just tell him they are phrases that people say that are something that ca you want him to say when he is older and understands them better...or whatever. Just didn't want you to forget that he would still be receiving them.

Typed on my phone - sorry for any typos that I missed!

Servant Becca said...

I love the heart! Never thought of decorating at the meal with hot dogs. So cute!