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Monday, February 28, 2011

Song: Baby Be Good

A few weeks ago I got this song stuck in my head as I began to put new lyrics to it.  So I decided one nap afternoon to actually finish it off.  It actually didn't take too long and here's the finished song I wrote.  For all you mommas out there who understand what it's like to have a baby who gets into everything, enjoy! 

*note: this is just for your entertainment purpose, please ignore my singing quality and pay no attention if I'm off a little on the karaoke (I'm not a professional!)

The words fly by pretty fast, especially in the beginning as the audio tries to adjust to my voice, so in case you can't understand them, here they are:

Baby Be Good
(tune: Johnny B. Goode)

No eating all the crumbs I'm sweeping off the floor
No digging in the cupboards, let me shut the door.
I can't pick you up now cuz I'm cooking on the stove.
Get out of the fridge, it's much too cold.
No licking all the shoes that might've stepped in poo.
No eating all the cat food, No it's not for you

No no, No baby, no no
No baby no no
no baby no no
no baby no no
Baby be good

No standing in your bed Now its time to nap
You're happy then you're sad in the click of a snap.
No playing in your diaper, it's icky icky eww.
No tugging on my earrings or my necklace too.
No throwing your food down on the floor
That's all you get then there is no more.

No no, No baby, no no
No baby no no
no baby no no
no baby no no
Baby be good

No eating that paper, it's our doctor bill.
No pulling on the table cloth or it all spills.
Don't even go near the toilet please.
Let's put some dusters underneath your knees.
You gotta keep your hat on for it's much too cold
Stop licking on the grocery cart, this game is old

No no, No baby, no no
No baby no no
no baby no no
no baby no no
Baby be good


Emily said...

AAAAAAAdorable. :) :) :) :)

jaesi said...

How did i miss this?!!


I think you may have a budding career in in the friday night karaoke scene :)

Angie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious!

Servant Becca said...

You ought to record that and head to Nashville... Beautiful! But funny words.... I love Angie's description of hilarious! =)

S Club Mama said...

this is stinking adorable, Sarah. I sang it along with you to Isaac. He just kept saying "no no" LOL