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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You know, I think he's right.

“The snow has a way of making the world seem at peace,”  he said.  

My friend Emily at Belltower Photography wrote about this man named Gunter she ran into the other day.  And this is how he described the freshly fallen snow.  And you know, that's a great way to describe it.  

The world just seems so... quiet.  still.  peaceful. 

People cancel all their busy plans.  They snuggle close with the ones they love.  And they just BE.  And that, is what I love about snow. 


Mary said...


Summer said...

Yep. Love it!

S Club Mama said...

I hate snow. LOL I'm tired of trying to busy days with things to do inside. Outside you can just let them run and they are happy forever.

Servant Becca said...

Where are the cows? ;-)