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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Steps to Being a GREAT MOM!

I feel a little nervous about publishing this post because I don't want it to sound like I know it all or that I'm perfect in any way.  Because I'm NOT.  I struggle in a LOT of ways.  I often feel overwhelmed by all the things I wish I could be doing with our day, with the kids, with the house, ways that I should be responding more calmly and so forth.  But here I'm writing a list of things that make a great mom, a how-to sort of thing, even though when it comes to it, it's a lot more complicated than that.  Anyway, here it is...

1. Do what you say you're going to do. ie, If you tell your kids you're going to the park that day, go to the park. If you say they'll get a time-out or spanking for doing something, then follow through. EVERY TIME. Even in the presence of other people, you can always go to the bathroom or car for discipline.
2. Create a short list of rules and consequences and FOLLOW IT. That means figure out your method of DISCIPLINE. For examples, click HERE or HERE.
3. Set EXPECTATIONS for each situation, tell your kids your expectations, and see to it that your kids meet the standard. If not, deal with it appropriately. We do what my friend Whitney describes HERE.
4. PRAISE your kids whenever possible!! 
5. PLAY with your kids. Be silly, laugh with them, and make memories.
6. Let your kids make safe choices whenever possible. ie Which plate to use for dinner, which chair to sit in, clothes for the day, which movie, or whether they want to paint or do play dough. But NOT whether they stay in bed or not, or whether they obey or not.
7. BE a good example. DON'T use words or behavior you don't want your children doing. (Spanking doesn't count--if done in a controlled manner they know it's discipline, not behavior.) DO have a good attitude and remember to thank your own children.
8. Teach and establish GOOD HABITS early. Even tots can help with chores and responsibilities like putting clothes in the hamper or sippy cup in fridge. {for a list of age-appropriate chores, beginning at 9 months! click HERE.}
9. Remember, we ALL mess up sometimes. We do. Just use it as an opportunity to demonstrate confession and forgiveness.
10. Use the Bible as your main reference. It has all kinds to say about good character, parenting, and encouragement through tough times.

Above all is LOVE. But this list includes the things that will help keep your life from feeling like chaos and is the beginning of training up our little people!


S Club Mama said...

great list, friend. And you are a great mom! I actually made Isaac a chore list because he wanted stickers like Tristan got. So his is putting his shoes away, his sippy away, and picking up toys. :) He loves it!

Jessica Gentert said...

Did you post this to let me know all the things I am doing wrong?? just kidding! I agree that this list would make a wonderful mom. Something we should all be striving for everyday! Thanks girlfriend!

In Light of the Truth... said...

Uh NO, Jess!! Just some helpful tips for ANYONE out there!