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Friday, June 17, 2011


...is my race day.  I know it's only 3.1 miles and I have several friends who run half-MARATHONS, so this really should be no big deal.  And it's not really.  But I'm nervous.  I hate the whole race feel, always have and probably always will.  And I'm nervous about what it will be like NOT on a treadmill that sets my pace for me and stays on zero incline and has a fan blowing on me with a towel it holds for me whenever I need it.  I don't really care what my time is, won't be surprised if it's longer since there are slight hills n such, but I do hope it's somewhere in the vicinity of 35 minutes. My mom is coming today to spend the day with us and watch the kids during the race tomorrow.  I'm excited for THEM to watch and be a part of it.  And I'm excited to support our community and PARTICIPATE in something, as that's a rare thing being Mommy.  And I'm excited Kevin will be running "with" me.  It will be a fun morning! And as for the run, my hope is that running outside WILL be far more enjoyable than running on the treadmill.  The weather should be pretty nice and hopefully still a somewhat cool morning!  Wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes!


~Amanda said...

Great attitude! Can't wait to hear your reflections in the outdoor run!

Kathy said...

Came on here to see if you wrote about the run. You did! You will do great! Totally get why you're nervous, but don't be, you're awesome!

Would love to know how it goes. Enjoy time with your family girl. Much love.