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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photography: Katie, 16 years

I got to do a huge photoshoot yesterday of my friend Nikki's children.  I'd already done Olivea back in May and I still needed to do the remaining four kids so we lumped them all into one afternoon, and the CD of pictures is going to be birthday gift for family!  What a great gift idea!  

Katie is Nikki's oldest and she's 16 and GORGEOUS.  I've never done teen photos before, but let me tell you, I couldn't wait!  Older kids are actually cooperative n stuff and they were EXCITED for pictures, so I knew it was going to be pretty easy!  Nervous I was though, I'm not great at telling people what to do or where to stand, but we worked together pretty well!  And here are some favorites from the day...

 the next three are the same photo edited three different ways with three different feels

 I LOVE this angle, too bad she's not in focus.  Should've pointed my camera at her first to set my focus and then moved the camera into position while still holding my button halfway down.
 she is so pretty...
 love this one.  body is turned a little weird in the back, but whatever.

 I'd told Nikki to warn the kids that I might poke through their rooms for fun prop ideas, or allow them time to pick something for themselves beforehand so they did, and how cool is this zebra print chair! Definitely added fun variety to the photoshoot and helped maked it more personal to each child!

More to come of the other children!


jaesi said...

Sarah- I love your work lady.

Servant Becca said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful young lady! Excellent job!