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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well, now I can't just post my good weeks now can I? This week I was at +0.7 lbs. Or something like that.  We had a lot of heavy restaurant meals over the weekend and I haven't run or done any exercise at all in several days, so it's no surprise.  I've been feeling pretty good about where I'm at right now weigh-wise so that's part of why I'm starting to putter out, along with life's summer busyness.  But I need to keep with it!  Race on Saturday!

Diet-wise I've still been watching it.  Trying to stay away from Sonic altogether and other greasy fast-food options, choosing low-calorie meals at restaurants if we ARE out.  Having a Carnation drink for breakfast or simple eggs and toast or something.  Also trying to stay away from ice cream treats as tempting as they are this season, and maybe make a fruit smoothie instead. So that's this week's update!

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