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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photography: Brian, 12 Years

Continuation of Nikki's kids... I was also excited for Brian's pictures and some (pre)teenage boy action!  He's a sweet, quiet boy and so handsome!

Had to get a couple pics with his new puppy Daisy that he got for his birthday last month

 For each of the kids I used most of the same photo spots but tried to use it in a different way for each of them.  For Brian the brick (cement?) wall was his background. For Olivea I used it for her to sit on and walk on. For her sister Emma, which you'll see coming up, I used it for her stand on and jump from.  Though I didn't get a great one of her jumping, it was a fun activity that helped her get loosened up for real-smile photos. But anyway, more on her later...

this was the furniture piece he picked from his room

this is his favorite tree he likes to climb

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