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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's a wonderful thing.  My friend Angie and I have been reporting back n forth to each other about our daily workout and diet choices and cheering each other on as we try to lose some of those extra pounds.  Not only does it help keep me in line, but I really really love getting to talk with her every day!  =)

And now with Facebook, I have several of you holding me accountable to any actions you may see on Facebook during this time when I'm supposed to be OFF, and I so appreciate that. I definitely feel like everyone can suddenly see me so it is certainly helping me resist temptation to log in.  But I did want to clarify what might be happening if you DO see me on there for a minute...

Sometimes Facebook really is the only source of communication between certain people.  I don't always have personal email addresses or phone numbers if they're not someone I know very closely.  BUT it doesn't mean I don't need to communicate with them! IF I turn the wifi on my phone ON I can view Facebook notifications {I usually leave it off cuz I don't like hearing it beep all day long}.  Yesterday I happened to notice a somewhat urgent message regarding a housing situation for November. Everyone was waiting for my reply, they SAID they were waiting for my reply, so I logged in and made a quick reply.  Also this week I'm preparing a meal for a friend who just recently had surgery yet has three children and a husband at home to care for. And is feeling horrible about being so powerless when really she just wants to be able to do things HERSELF again.  So I hopped online to work out the time and details of that food delivery. {which is tonight and I need to start cookin!} I also needed to leave an event message regarding our class reunion which is less than 2 weeks away.  SO, if you've seen me on Facebook, that's what's been going on.

But even in those brief moments, I HAVE managed to completely avoid ANY browsing of feeds.  I log in, take care of business in less than 5 minutes, and am off again for the rest of the day!

There are moments when I feel bored and just want to dink around, checking in on friends, see what's happening in the world {since that's often my only source of news! we don't get TV, the newspaper, magazines or ANYTHING, and I don't check news on websites either}, but instead I read. Been doing a lot of reading this week.  Currently reading two books, besides my Bible Study, with a third on deck that I can't WAIT to read. {more on books later} Although if the kids are up then obviously I'm doing something with them or we're doing chores.  It's amazing how simple it really can be if we MAKE it be!

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Mary said...

I hear you about using FB for messages and invites and all that. It really is hard to avoid it all together. My husband's work even uses it and uses it to communicate! It's almost mandatory! It's crazy. But kudos to you for not lurking around! WOOT WOOT!