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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Facebook. {Day 1}

The checkout lady at Walmart. She's the only human I spoke to today besides my own family.  Although I did share texts with a few friends about different things.  And that was enough for me.  I didn't feel isolated or anything. I didn't even miss Facebook.  I thought of it, yes of course. But I had a game plan for the day. Things I wanted to accomplish. Things I wanted to do. Books to read. Pages to write on. Miles to run. So I didn't yearn for it. 

Until 6:20pm. Just a few minutes of waiting until Kevin came home. Not enough time to start anything. Dinner was simmering, the table prepared, the living room straightened and the children were quietly playing games.  What to do... I just wanted to sit, rest a moment, and check in on friends. But I didn't. I washed windows instead. They had been bugging me for days. At last, they're crystal clear again!  A good choice. Then Kevin walked in the door and the yearning for computer time passed instantly.  After dinner I sat reading a stack of books to the children while Kevin rested at the opposite couch.  Then bedtime for the kids, conversations with my husband, and reading until my eyes could stay open no more.

It was a good day.

I felt more focused. Less distracted. More intentional. Calmer. Relaxed. I don't think I yelled at the kids even once today. That surely reflects the peace going on within me.  Usually I feel like I'm rushing through bedtime but tonight, tonight I stayed a few extra minutes to rub Little One's back and stroke his soft blonde hair while he laid quietly clutching his teddy bear.  These children, this family, they are such a blessing. 

It was a good day.


The Fischer Family said...

Way to go mama!

Kathy said...

You have inspired me and I'm logging off FB today for a few days too! I have much to do just like you and pray that I will gain control of my time by doing this! Thanks for the inspiration to take this important leap!!

Randi S said...

great job, Sarah! :)

~Amanda said...

I'm so glad! Can't wait to hear how Tuesday went!

Mary said...

Agreed. I'm not wanting to eliminate FB but I have changed how I use it. The less I comment, the fewer notifications I get. It's a win/win so I can enjoy my family. I should be more purposeful about what I do though. I like how you cleaned the windows. You do inspire me!!