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Monday, September 5, 2011

Good and bad.

*sigh* It's been an exhausting weekend.  Good and then bad. Good and then bad.  

The good. The kids and I got to play with friends Saturday morning.
The bad. I kept Eli up from nap because that's what we do now and he CRASHED the entire second half of the day with melt down after melt down. {may need to still do naps on the weekend?}
The good. I got to visit with a friend Saturday evening. And my special music at church went well Sunday morning.
The bad. Eli was so rotten during church I had to take him out for the second half of church, along with Carter and we "did church" via the speakers. And he practiced how to just sit in a flippin' chair.
The good.  I ordered a nap for EVERYONE Sunday afternoon.
The bad.  Hannah was the one messing around, disturbed and woke Carter early. And then SHE spent the next 45 minutes bawling because I made her nap somewhere else.
The good. Because everyone DID nap we had a pleasant visit with the in-laws Sunday evening.
The bad. Because everyone napped, they {Eli and Hannah} took forever to go to bed that night because they wouldn't stop messing around. And I ended up having to sit IN THE ROOM until they were mostly asleep.
The good. It was a BEAUTIFUL day today!!  Cool and sunny!
The bad. The sun made it really hard to do my photoshoot this morning. I'm just not that good to know how to work with it.
The good. We got some good pictures anyway. I think. {coming soon}
The good. My parents, the kids, and I had a picnic and played at the park after my photoshoot.
The good. All three kids napped on the drive back to Nebraska. 
The good. I didn't get too sleepy while driving in the afternoon.
The good. Kevin was up and showered already when we got home.
The good. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight.
The good. It's supposed to beautiful weather all week!!!  Sunny and 70s!!!!

Once again, reminds me of the video I posted HERE.  =)


Kassandra said...

The good: I've now learned that I'm not the only mother has to fight with a child who can't seem to figure out how to sit still in a darn chair for more than three seconds! I feel like I've dragged Logan out of church one too many times lately b/c he just won't settle down!

Glad there were so many goods to outweight the bads for you holiday weekend!

Bethany said...

I found that when my kids started school they needed a nap on the weekend even MORE than they had before! School takes so much out of them they need to recharge. Also the whole routine change is hard so when they are with you they will act up more. Give him some time and you will both adjust :)