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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Finds

This morning Hannah, Carter, and I wandered into the local thrift store. And for $10 I found for the kids...

4 small square scarves (I wanted to collect a few for dancing with)
3 action figure type guys (I don't know who they're of, I just love them for imagination play)
3 beaded bracelets
1 little girls pearl necklace
1 bead necklace
3 skirts (Hannah is waaay into skirts right now, so 2 for this year and 1 for next year)
1 tambourine
1 adorable small pink plaid coin purse, perfect for holding lipstick or something

Fun, fun!!!  The tambourine was an especially timely find because I'm doing something with instruments for next week's Moppet lesson!  =)  And in fact, Carter's the one who pulled it out as he was digging in a toy bin I otherwise wouldn't have gone through.  Yay for thrift stores!  Happy Friday everyone!


jaesi said...

niiiiice lady.

skirts are all the rage at this house...that and swimsuits. :)

and guess what I found today at Sams Club? clearance Speedo swimsuits for 2.81. you bet I stocked up.

Randi S said...

OK what thrift store are you going to? You found some great things!!