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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Public school vs. Homeschool...

... I choose both. 

Today was the kids' last day of school. We hosted a mini-party at lunch and celebrated with a kickoff to summer! 

I'm SUPER excited for all that we're going to do this summer, and all that we're NOT going to do as we just enjoy and play! 

But this week as we've come through a full year of official schooling, I'm feeling reflective on what I think about all this.

And I think, it was quite fantastic.

There was a lot I didn't do that I wanted to do. I wanted to help more in the classroom and go have lunch at the school with Eli (Kevin did, but not me), but with the younger two still at home it just didn't happen, and next year I do vow to make it more of a priority.

I did, however, make several attempts to make a connection with the teacher.  She was wonderful, I wanted her to know that we very much appreciate all she does for the kids, for our son, I wanted her to know that she has our support at home as we continue to encourage and work with Eli in his education, and I wanted to converse with her when we had concerns.

Now that summer is officially here, and even otherwise, I make great effort to further the kids' learning. To push them even more when I see areas in which they already excel. I want to encourage creativity, open conversation, and just teach them about the things around them when they're still young and think everything is exciting and fascinating.  It's fun to learn with them, to see them grow, and give them hands-on opportunities for discovery.


I wouldn't want to do it all the time. Like all allll the time. Homeschooling sounds sooo exhausting to me.  Any time you're with the same people/person all the day long every day, it's exhausting. Doesn't matter how much you love them, it's tiring.

So for our family, for this moment in time, we have a wonderful balance. Having time for errands with only one child, hosting social events with other women, meeting for picnics and play dates at the park, helping a friend with a project,  helping run the Moms group in town, and managing the house.

As for faith, it has not been challenged by schooling in this way. We are putting it into practice every day, as we meet new people we wouldn't normally have crossed paths with, sharing kindness and generosity and forgiveness, and {hopefully} shining like stars!


~Amanda said...

Instead of using "versus," I think you could start using "and." You have been educating them at home since they were born, and you continue to do it. It's not one versus the other, because that implies that there is competition, that one is against the other, or that they oppose each other, and that one will or should "win." Both forms of education can be done, and can be done together.

Servant Becca said...