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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer {Bucket List}

Here's our summer checklist! 5 days!!   =) 

1. plant something.
2. lay outside and watch the stars come out.
3. set up a lemonade stand.
4. fill a small baby pool with homemade bubble solution and use hoola hoops to make giant bubbles
5. make your own kite.
6. catch lightning bugs.
7. make your own ice cream flavor.
8. bake a pizza in the sun.
9. go to the zoo.
10. discover a new park.
11. create an obstacle course in your yard.
12. start a new read-aloud book series.
13. set up a "car wash" for your bikes.
14. create your own board game.
15. go on a camera adventure and make your own ABC photo book.
16. paint a box.
17. pick some fresh fruit.
18. press some flowers.
19. make a dandelion crown.
20. write a story and draw pictures to go with it.
21. briefly study different artists and imitate their style
22. set up the baby pool and slip n slide or sprinkler and host a pool party
23. learn about different countries and have fun sampling new foods from around the world
24. count the money in your piggy bank
25. go geocaching


The Fischer Family said...

Great list! I've been thinking about doing this too! Guess we better get started. Thanks for sharing!

Servant Becca said...

What a wonderful list! Very creative -- and learning with fun!