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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day tribute

In the great big world
beyond what my eye can see
There is an army of soldiers
fighting their lives for me.

Giving extraordinary sacrifices I cannot even imagine.

Right now.
This minute.
The world does not pause.

They left their families,
their home,
the life they knew.
And they cleave to their God with all their might.
That their life would serve great purpose
as they stand for their nation.
Doing what needs to be done.
Through the night.
In the dark.
The days pass,
one to the next
and they keep going.
They fight.

In an instant.

Another is taken down.
A life is ended.
A family is destroyed
in heartache and pain.

In an instant.

Life is never again the same.

For the one who fought so bravely,
who gave it all,
who gave it all for us,
for me,
for a nation of strangers he'll never meet,
I stand tall,
hand over heart
and humbly say
Because of you,
we live freely.

Because of you.

1 comment:

Servant Becca said...

Beautiful poem with a message not to be forgotten.