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Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer surprise.

It started during Easter season. Those pre-filled baskets looked so much fun. But since we don't do Easter baskets, I thought it would be fun to get one on sale afterward and gift one to each of the kids on the first day of summer break.

But who knew that they take 'em straight off the shelf after Easter?? There were hardly any to pick from, and when it came to it, they just weren't quite what I wanted.

So I started collecting items myself--small items here and there, mostly from the Dollar Store and Pamida. Little items for fun summer play and simple half-way healthy snacks to go with it.


I got the idea to make it a treasure hunt TO the gift.

At first it was just going to be a map to follow.

But then

I thought it would be fun to make clues instead. And off I went with the idea!!  

I created three clues for each child's surprise. After our fun breakfast of blueberry pancakes this morning and before ANYTHING was cleaned up, we went outside for our adventure!

In logical order of where I placed things, I had Hannah start first, and she opened her envelope containing CLUE #1:
"In the ground we plant the seeds. Someday food for you and me. 
We mash, bake them, eat them raw, Just like Daddy, chomp the jaw."
 On the potato buckets!
Clue #2! 
"Yee-haw, let's go for a ride! It's time to go play outside!
But hang on tight, lest you'll fall. Enjoy the ride and have a ball!"

 Clue #3
"It is white but rhymes with RED. We park our toys when it's time for bed."
yes, Hannah is kissing her bucket

Now it's time for Carter's search!

Clue #1
"Open the box, it's a mess inside. But a place our toys can hide."

Clue #2
"It's black with wheels and just my size. With seats for four, we go for a ride!"

Clue #3
"We climb and slide and laugh and play. With TV outside today.
It's all pretend, it's all in fun. Playing out under the sun."
(Backstory:  the kids like to pretend they have a TV down by the swing set)

One more treasure to find!
Clue #1
"We gather here when it's time to eat. Not in the house but under the trees...

...Look high, look low, look all around. 
Don't be afraid to get on the ground."

Clue #2
"Soaring high I can see. The rush of wind I feel free.
But hanging from the branch above. Tis a toy I most love."

Final clue of the day!
"It's big and red and on a farm. It's a word that rhymes with YARN."

And inside each bucket? Here are the goods...
(not pictured because they were already blown up, are punching balloons!)

 The kids had so much fun with their treasure hunt! As did I! They were patient as they helped each other figure out the clues, Eli read some of them on his own, and they waited til the end to dive into their buckets. So so fun to celebrate this first day of summer break!!

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Rae Lynne said...

This is a great idea! I may have to use it for Xander this summer as he would have so much fun finding "treasure!" (He already does!)

Also, I've nominated you for an award on my blog. :) www.rlchase.blogspot.com